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CowboyT is a forum member who has waded into the world on podcasts. We wish him luck!

Mosin Nagant Stripper Clips Part II

Guest post courtesy of: Here is part II, how I’ve found the ejector and interrupter system works best.  This is not to say this is the only way, but rather what I’ve found to work 100% by experiment. First, the parts in which we’re interested: The...

People fear the unknown (or RKBA: Exposure)

This was originally cross-posted over at Daily Kos. I have permission from the author to reprint the article in full. The KV in the story below is me. For this week’s story, I was invited to do a guest writing. For my diary here I will focus on exposure to...

More on the Mosin Bolt

Guest post courtesy of: A detailed coverage of the Mosin bolt, based on my experiences and research. Discuss here! Guest post courtesy...

Save the date!

The 2012 Annual Meeting will be held August 17-19 outside Portland, Oregon. Venues are still being finalized! Join the discussion here!
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