Straw purchase? Or not?

I buy a firearm from a dealer. Say I found a pretty awesome deal online (gunbroker,, the LGC Trading Post, wherever). I buy the firearm and gift it (or sell it) to someone I know who can legally own a firearm. Say, my father. I transfer the firearm to him...

Buying an NFA Item

Hey, what’s an NFA item? It’s an item covered by the National Firearms Act of 1934. These include any select fire firearm (think burst fire or full auto, like a machine gun), suppressors/silencers, shotguns with short barrels (less than the legal limit),...

Thanks for your patience

We finished the maintenance, so things should be back to normal, nothing to see here 😉 Come tell us on the forums if you think we missed something!                                 –...

Pardon the dust

We are doing some website maintenance. Check the twitter and Facebook feeds for news and hit the forums!

Membership questions

If you have signed up for membership, please check your PayPal account. It seems that some people aren’t actually clicking through to the payment screen. The system will nag you until you pay. If you have trouble, contact us on Facebook, or on the forums.

USA Shooting Club Registration for the LGC

Well, the folks in Boulder are back from the Olympics, and I finally got to submit and pay for the clubs application. We should appear on the site as a registered club today or tomorrow. More details to follow, but just in time for the annual meeting!
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