The .38 Special Wadcutter as a Defensive Load

Doing a bit of research lately on .38 Wadcutters as defensive ammunition. For years these have been the ‘go-to’ low-recoil defensive load for snubbies- not perfect, but better than lead round-nose or semi-wadcutters. So much of the ‘conventional wisdom’ about guns has proven to be hogwash over the years that I thought I would look […]

Derringers: The Arms-Length Equalizer

People’s 150-year long love affair with Derringers shows no sign of slacking off anytime soon. I get it; derringers are neat-o. They conjure images of the wild west, riverboat gamblers and tough-as-nails Ladies of the Night (with hearts of gold.) Tuck it up your sleeve, in your vest pocket or a lady’s garter and they […]

Reprise: So, You Say You Want Some Self-Defense Ammo?

My friends over at the Liberal Gun Club asked if they could have my BBTI blog entries cross-posted on their site. This is the second in an occasional series of revisiting some of my old articles which had been published elsewhere over the years, perhaps lightly edited or updated with my current thoughts on the […]

On Last nights Training Talk: injuries, mimes, and more!

Last night’s episode of Training Talk was one for the history books!
Rob Pincus made a cameo appearance to kick off the 2017 PDN Training Tour, but for some reason his audio wasn’t coming through. Never one to give up the ship, Rob used his mime skills and a Sharpie marker to tell us about what’s coming on this year’s tour!
Apparently Google was having issues, because my special Guest Expert Michael Dasargo had the same problem. Luckily he …

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