“$700 a Month- Bring Your Own Gun”

Back when I was mustering out of the army I saw an ad for a small-town law enforcement position. The position was listed as follows- “Town Constable- $700 a month + room & board. Bring your own gun.” That wasn’t bad for 1983, but it wasn’t great ether.   Under the assumption that I would […]

“Prepping For Life” launches TODAY!

My new book, Prepping for Life: The balanced approach to personal security and family safety, is now available on Amazon and the iBooks Store!
If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, or watched my posts on social media, you probably know that my focus is on total self protection. I focus on personal security in what can only be described as a holistic manner, looking at what safety really is and how to achieve it. Personal security …

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Reprise: Give in to the Power of the Dark Side — Converting Non-shooters

Prompted by my friends over at the Liberal Gun Club, this is another in an occasional series of revisiting some of my old articles which had been published elsewhere over the years, perhaps lightly edited or updated with my current thoughts on the topic discussed. This is an article I wrote for Guns.com, and it […]

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