New Holster for My EDC Pistol

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New Holster for My EDC Pistol

#1 Post by VodoundaVinci » Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:30 pm

I'm an Appendix Carry Aficionado and primarily carry a Beretta Px4 Storm Subcompact in 9mm or a S&W 6906 in that position. The 6906 is technically a compact gun and the barrel is *just* enough longer that there is more length in my pants which prevents the gun from wanting to "flip" is butt outward. More gun in the pants and enough above the belt to get a firing grip smoothly and quickly. The Beretta (stumpy nosed little bulldog) has always been a problem with a higher riding/firing grip holster because it wants to flip it's butt outward. So I have been carrying in a deeper concealment holster which was primarily a High Noon Hidden Ally. Nice and comfortable ride but the gun sits in deep concealment and if needed quicky would be tough to deploy.

I had a High Noon "Instinct Extreme" Kydex holster for my Glock 43.....the Instinct Extreme is High Noon's premier Appendix Carry Kydex and for the G43 it was awesome. Loved the holster and the gun but I gravitated to DA/SA pistols with decockers and the G43 didn't get carried. So I sold the rig wanting an Instinct Extreme Kydex for my Beretta Px4 *but* they were not offering it until I ordered one and it arrived yesterday.
Fit and finish are absolutely excellent and the fit to the gun is...virtually perfect. The pistol snaps in securely and can't wiggle loose even when running or rolling around on the ground. The holster is minimalist in materials, light, water/sweat proof and rigid/hard but the edges and suck are all rounded and finished and it does not gouge and is not pokey or uncomfortable in any way. I picked a Kryptek Typhon pattern for the holster and jazzed it up with a Python belt strap for giggles....kinda like wearing fancy underwear I guess. No one will see it but I know it's there and it makes me feel "special". :cool:
I think I have about $80 in this holster. Wore it doing shores and shopping yesterday and it is virtually perfect. The guns rides close to the body (the butt does not flip out!) and I can get a firing/combat grip on the gun without altering or fudging. It draws like lightning and holsters with a firm audible *click* with one hand without looking.

Highly recommended if you like Kydex. I have a bunch of High noon holsters for a number of guns including a Ruger LCRx, Sig Sauer P238 and Glock 42 (my Wife's guns) and my S&W 6906. Never got a lemon from High Noon and I am now a shameless Fan Boy.


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