McConnell says ban on "assault weapons" a front and center" issue

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Re: McConnell says ban on

#26 Post by K9s » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:38 pm

YankeeTarheel wrote:
Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:25 pm
Of course he'll put AWB front and center and block/ignore/delay red flag laws and background checks.
Moscow Mitch is only about politics and power so he sees the AWB as a neg for Dems and a pos for GOP, while Red Flag and UBC are the other way around.
He doesn't 2 shits who dies or how, just so long as he can find a way to get the GOP in power in the Senate and MAYBE get Trump re-elected.
That way he can keep making himself and his wife's family richer.
He's a much of a scumbag as Dnieper Don.
Absolutely. Like the fake Green New Deal vote, McConnell will hold a show vote on an extreme AWB to showcase his GOP Senators in their election cycle. They will give speeches about radical soshulist gun grabbers and dare the Dems to vote for AWB and confiscation.

It will move the conversation away from McConnell blocking funding of the "black lung disability trust fund" due to "spending concerns" while his constituents suffer and his donors applaud. And, oh yeah, that sketchy Russia-funded aluminum plant planned in his state. And teacher salaries. Etc.
The border between civilization and savagery is porous and patrolled by opportunists. Resist fascism. Vote like your democracy depends on it.

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