Why should anyone support Socialism?

In that oasis, we can freely express our opinions on the latest events in the struggle for marriage equality and also the best self-defense rounds.

In a way, LGC has been our burgeoning Castro District where we are free to be ourselves. But like those other pioneers, we know a community without political voice will always be relegated to the shadows.

The Liberal Gun Owners Association (LGOA) was formed to provide us that voice.

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Re: Why should anyone support Socialism?

#151 Post by YankeeTarheel » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:41 pm

If you listened to Wayne LaPierre at CPAC, he explained his and other knuckle-draggers' idea of what "Soshulis-hum" is: A bunch of lazy, effete Eastern and West Coast elite educated Jews want to take good, honest Americans (ie, White Christians) stuff and give it to a bunch of worthless, shiftless Blacks, Browns and "undesirable" immigrants so they don't have to work.

And the knuckle-draggers and "other half" (those below average intelligence) cheered him on!
"Fascism comes along when the rich people get the generals to help them stay in control." -- Woody Guthrie
My son says: "Don't argue with an idiot. They'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!" -- YT

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