Something I would like to see offered for Mossberg 500 E...

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Something I would like to see offered for Mossberg 500 E...

#1 Post by Pfletch83 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 1:59 pm

The Mossberg 500 E series .410's are not given a ton of attention by most folks. Even from the maker. (I had to call the factory when I was doing my defensive .410 builds to see if there were any 18.5 inch security barrels made for the 6- round capacity E series). But I would like to see either an 18.5 or a 20 -inch barrel with a fixed protected front sight and a semi-buckhorn adjustable rear sight. It would make slug shooting much easier. and the cylinder choked barrels handle the foster slugs well as is.

Henry repeating arms has actually began to bring out a 20-inch barreled lever gun in .410 that uses such a sighting and choke setup,but it can only use 2-1/2 inch shells.

I like the exposed hammer because you don't have to worry about hammer springs getting worn. If they offered an exposed hammer pump gun that could take 3-inch shells. It would be a great little survival/pest control gun.

Thoughts? (and all things being equal I would LOVE to see a 28 gauge exposed hammer pump)

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