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Tips For Registering Your Gun in Chicago

Now that you can legally own a firearm within the city limits of Chicago, you might be interested in taking our Basic Firearms Course and getting yourself a registered gun.  As with most things, the process of exactly how to register your firearm isn’t as clear as it probably should be.  To help you get through the process less painfully, we have assembled some tips from our Chicago members who have successfully registered their firearms.  Good luck!

So, you want to register a gun in Chicago?  The very first thing you need is a F.O.I.D. card.   This is the state’s ID required to purchase a firearm and ammunition.  If you do not have your F.O.I.D. card you can get most gun shops to process the application for you or you can do it online.

Before you can register your gun you will also need a course in safe firearms usage and storage.  The LGC has a Chicago area instructor that can help you meet the training requirements.  You can email our Illinois Education Coordinator to find out more about The LGC’s Basic Firearms Course and Illinois training requirements.  If your are unable to take our course, most gun shops offer a course that fulfills the required Illinois safety training.  Once you have taken your course, be sure to have the instructor fill out the training affidavit form.

Once you have your F.O.I.D. , and your basic firearms course, you are ready to apply for your Chicago Firearms Permit.  You are going to need a few items of paperwork.  Conveniently, they are listed on this website; but they are all useless because they need to be filled out on card stock that will fit the file for the police.

The easiest solution is to bring both your F.O.I.D and your training affadavit to police headquarters at either  3510 S. Michigan Ave or  4400 South Kedzie.  They can assist you in getting the proper forms, on the proper paper, and getting them filled out.  You will need to bring a $100.00 check with you as well.

Now that you have filled out all the paperwork you may be wondering “Can I register my Guns at this time?”  No. You must wait until you physically possess the permit before you can register your firearm.

Once your permit arrives you can then register firearms.

Remember, you can only register one gun per month and you must submit the registration no later than five days after you take possession.

If you have any questions call the Chicago Police Department – our members report that they have been both helpful and nice in responding to questions about the registration process. You can call them at (312) 745-5164 or contact our Illinois Education Coordinator who might be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck and congratulations on your new firearm!