Your Hump Day Reading List for May 24, 2017

Another week and more quality articles for you to peruse! In this edition: a defensive encounter where the good guy did a lot of bad things; how to make your training more realistic; smart TV warning; what apartment burglars do; testing you and your gear over a weekend; dealing with disruptive airline passengers; a Sikh yoga instructor uses a revolver and wins; and why we harp about safety in force-on-force training.
Not something to emulate
Lots of people …

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Announcing Threat Centered Revolver in Phoenix!

Good news for revolver owners! I’ll be back in Phoenix, AZ this November 11th & 12th, teaching my Threat-Centered Revolver course!
In the last couple of years this has become my most popular course, and for good reason — very few people in the training world take the revolver seriously as a defensive tool. Many don’t understand them or, worse, don’t like them.
That’s certainly not me! Not only do I understand the revolver at a level most people …

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Mini-Range Report 19 May 2017- Reloading Newb Addendum

I finished work early today and was discussing what to do this afternoon when Linda said, “I know you have those new loads- why don’t you go shooting?” I left skid marks. Previously all I had put through the Remington Bulldog were HSM 200gr RNFP Cowboy loads, so I was interested to see how the […]

On Training Talk: Competition vs Self Defense

If you didn’t see Training Talk last night, you missed a great show!
My special guest was Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense, and we talked about something we both have some experience with: the similarities and differences in competition and defensive shooting. It was a wide-ranging discussion, and you might be surprised at some of the answers he gave!
Be sure to watch the replay.
– Grant

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