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The mission of The Liberal Gun Club is to provide a voice for gun-owning liberals and moderates in the national conversation on gun rights, gun legislation, firearms safety, and shooting sports. We serve as a national forum for all people, irrespective of their personal political beliefs, to discuss firearms ownership, firearms use, and the enjoyment of firearms-related activities free from the destructive elements of political extremism that dominate this subject on the national scale. We also actively develop and foster a variety of programs for the purpose of firearms training and firearms safety education, for both gun owners and non-gun owners.

Thanks for dropping by the home of The Liberal Gun Club.  We are a gun owners organization whose main goal is to provide relevant information to firearms owners. We are geared towards typical 'liberals' who also happen to enjoy owning and using firearms; however, our members come from every political ideology - Libertarian, Independent, Democrat, Republican, Green, etc; While we do not have active policy positions, and the national Club is primarily an education and outreach non-profit, we do have some opinions.

While the National Club doesn't do politics, the local chapters are encouraged to leap into the political fray, and some have even formed their own non-profits to do so. Check the forums for more information on that!

In order to encourage fun and safe shooting among liberal gun owners, we want to provide as much information as possible to make choosing, owning, caring for and using a firearm easier.

The Liberal Gun Club is a 501c4 non-profit.


Club News:

Where are your tripwires?

Whether you’re prepping for survival or studying self defense against a criminal, you need to consider the circumstances under which you’d respond — where your tripwires are, the things that will trigger your response. Some people call them “a line in the sand” or “point of no return”, but no matter what the term the function is the same: the circumstances which will trigger a specific response.
We all have tripwires, but too many either ignore their existence or have …

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Big and Slow Does the Job…

… unless it doesn’t. I recently watched ‘Godless’ on Netflix, and in some ways it was quite realistic. Some people were shot and dropped immediately. Others that were shot ran and hid. Some were shot and shot back.   Thinking about this it squares with a lot of accounts I have read of ‘western’ gunfights. […]

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