Time is running out — sign up now for my Threat-Centered Revolver class in Phoenix!

If you’ve ever thought about taking one of my famous Threat-Centered Revolver courses, you can still get into the class in Phoenix on April 1 & 2!
This is the class to take if you want to learn — really learn — how to use your revolver to defend yourself and your loved ones. I take my knowledge of defensive shooting and my long experience with revolvers and put them together for the best defensive revolver course you’re likely to find.
In …

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Open Letter to Conservative Christians

This letter is my response after a week of listening to Right wing religious talk radio while at work. Of course, with all the money activists can collect from George Soros, soon I won’t need a job at all! That myth was a particular obsession of theirs, but with so much foolishness being broadcast, it would have required a […]

Last night on Training Talk…

You know what’s fun about doing a live webcast? When things don’t go according to plan and the host has to tread water for 30 minutes!
Last night’s Training Talk started out great, but my first guest ran into technical issues (thank you Google, for your wonderfully buggy software.) Yours truly jumped in and covered the subject of sight adjustments on defensive pistols, but it wasn’t exactly what I’d expected to be doing!
Luckily the second hour went a …

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