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The article is behind a paywall, I could access it yesterday but not today.

The Pulse, Orlando shooting in 2016 was the largest mass shooting in the US until it was overtaken by the Las Vegas shooting in 2017. Initially there were reports that dormant Pink Pistols chapters in the US became active again because of the Pulse shooting. LGBT were buying guns and taking shooting lessons and some businesses even offered free shooting lessons. It's a small community to start with, estimated to be 5.6% of US adults or roughly 11.7 million people.

A 2018 survey by the Williams Institute at UCLA on gun ownership.
An estimated 18.8 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults in the United States say they have guns in their home compared to 35.1 percent of heterosexuals, according to a recently released study by the Williams Institute, an LGBT think tank associated with the UCLA School of Law.

Among other things, the study found that LGB adults are more likely than their heterosexual peers to support gun control laws or regulations such as background checks. It also found that among both LGB and heterosexual adults, non-Hispanic whites were more likely to have a gun in their home than people of other races and nationalities.

And, in what may be viewed as an interesting gender role variation, among LGB respondents, 17.3 percent of males and 19.9 percent of females — a statistically insignificant difference — reported having guns in their home. By contrast, 42.2 percent of heterosexual males reported having guns in their home compared to 30.8 percent of heterosexual females, a finding, according to the study, that shows an approximate 10 percent gender gap in guns in the home between straight men and women.

“Gun violence is a major public concern, and violence against LGBT people is all too common,” said the study’s co-author Adam P. Romero, director of Legal Scholarship and Federal Policy at the Williams Institute. ... ls-report/

Most LGBT live in cities and suburbs and we know urban dwellers tend to be for gun control vs rural dwellers who are more pro-gun. Don't have membership numbers on the Pink Pistols which are the most prominent LGBT pro-gun group vs Gays Against Guns which are anti-gun. The gay ghettos in cities its residents felt were protective, but there was still a lot of violence directed at LGBT. Rural life is more of a conforming culture, being very transgender in that environment must be very difficult. She's not going to be a victim, good for her. ... in-the-us/ ... ansgender/
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Re: Gun control LGBTQ perspective

My daughter is LGBTQ+ and lives in Denver with her Fiancé and some roommates. Although she has played various FPS games since she was a kid, she hasn't had much interest in the real thing (shooting guns). Her fiancé, however, has experience with firearms, so we are trying to convince my daughter to give it a go together. Given that Colorado is a "purple" state, I still worry about her.

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