Bison Cows Shipped from Yellowstone to Reservation

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Bison Cows Shipped from Yellowstone to Reservation

Post by 58Hawken »

I've harvested two bulls from this reservation's commercial herd. So pleased to see the tribes are getting cows. Previously, it's been an uphill fight over brucellosis concerns and IF they got live animals out of the Yellowstone cull, it was bulls. ... zdZ4p_wm_M

"In 2019 more than 300 Yellowstone bison were shipped to slaughter after being captured by park workers. The bison are trucked to slaughter facilities in Montana where the bison are killed and butchered. The meat is then shared among cooperating tribes. Yellowstone officials would like to reduce the number of bison killed in this manner but are constrained by the number of animals the park can hold in quarantine."

"Female bison face stricter regulations for release because, if infected with the disease brucellosis, their birthing materials are considered the main means of spreading infection. Consequently, immature female bison must test negative for exposure to brucellosis for two-and-a-half years before they can be shipped to join other herds."

"Although the Fort Peck Tribes built its facility to meet quarantine requirements, the state of Montana has denied requests to use the corral for anything other than the last assurance test. Nevertheless, the tribes have steadily built a cultural herd that now numbers 400 head as well as a separate commercial herd."

"In July, after the calving season, the tribes plan to ship a portion of its herd to the InterTribal Buffalo Council for disbursement. This past June the tribes shipped five bison to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming as it builds its buffalo herd.

Yellowstone bison are highly prized by tribes as well as bison ranchers and managers of other conservation herds for their pure genetics, meaning they have never been interbred with cattle."

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Re: Bison Cows Shipped from Yellowstone to Reservation

Post by tonguengroover »

I heard about the five Bison going to Wind River. Very cool considering the tribe there existed wholly on Bison back in the day.
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