Colorado Democrats committed to "years-long" firearm prohibition effort

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Colorado Democrats committed to "years-long" firearm prohibition effort

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2 new gun bills are just the beginning, Colorado Democrats say
Colorado Democrats introduced two new gun bills Friday afternoon that they say represent the next steps in what will be a years-long attempt at stemming gun violence here.

Rep. Monica Duran, a Wheat Ridge Democrat who’s sponsoring one of the new bills, said, “Each year, whatever it might be, whatever it might look like, we will be bringing (gun) legislation to the point to where it’s just as common as a health care bill, just as common as an environmental bill, where it’s not some big thing, where it’s standard, normal. We’re going to be dealing with this.”
“I don’t have a problem saying that the legislators here prior to me getting here didn’t have the courage to stand up to run something like this,” said Sullivan, whose son, Alex, was murdered in the Aurora theater massacre. “I will stand up in front of this and the message that I put out, the story that I tell, is empowering colleagues … to stand alongside of me.”

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