Democratic Maine governor's shutdown EO includes firearm dealers

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Democratic Maine governor's shutdown EO includes firearm dealers

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Gov. Janet Mills’ administration closes Kittery Trading Post, a leading firearms retailer, using emergency powers
KITTERY, ME – The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development ordered Kittery Trading Post, one of Maine’s premier outfitters and firearms retailers, is reporting. The closing was forced into effect by using the Governor’s emergency powers to classify the store as “non-essential.”

According to the report, the store was ordered closed at 3pm today. In addition to selling firearms, Kittery Trading Post sells a wide variety of items, many which could be considered “essential” for many Mainers.

Under an executive order declaring a state of civil emergency, Governor Janet Mills gave her administration the power to close any business it deemed non-essential. Seacoast Online reports that those emergency powers were used to close Kittery Trading Post.
Here is Maine law on the subject: ... 137701.asp

KTP is a very busy establishment in southern Maine. Democrats/firearm prohibitionists have been after the store for years.

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