Been thinking about an A.O.W. project.

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Been thinking about an A.O.W. project.

Post by Pfletch83 »

No work will be done before the paper work and tax stamp is approved, and until I get the paper work handled I think it would be a good idea to map out the feasibility and finding the right smith to do the job.

The Smith & Wesson Governor seems like the perfect candidate for such, and it would be nice to see what the difference in performance would be from a 3-inch cylinder choke barrel.

The only problems I would like to avoid are removing the chance that a .45 caliber bullet could be loaded into the cylinder and cause major problems for the shooter as well as anyone else around the shooter and the bulging on the brass case heads because of the .45 caliber chambers.


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Re: Been thinking about an A.O.W. project.

Post by KVoimakas »

How would you turn this into an AOW? What modifications would you make that could change this from a pistol to an AOW?
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