Silencer Shop eForm 1 service online

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Silencer Shop eForm 1 service online

#1 Post by DispositionMatrix » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:28 am
We are currently transmitting the backlog. There's about 500 left, transmitting at a rate of one every few minutes or so. That is as fast as eForms will allow, using multiple simultaneous users.

This is going to be broadcast in the newsletter, etc., tomorrow morning, so we will probably be slammed with orders after about 9:30 AM Central. If you are thinking about submitting soon, or if you were waiting for this announcement, I would do it now before everyone knows about it, as we anticipate thousands of submissions in the coming days. Sorry for the short notice.

If you've used our Form 1 service before, there is no change to your process except that the ATF now requires your Social Security Number.

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