5.7x28mm in ballistic gel

Most of us are familiar with Lucky Gunner's series testing various defensive handgun rounds in clear ballistic gel. While it probably represents the largest systematic attempt to test the relative effects of defensive ammunition available to the public, there's controversy about whether the clear gel represents an appropriate analog for the FBI standard, BB calibrated 10% organic ballistic gelatin. TL;DR, it's cheaper and easier to work with, but seems to provide deeper penetration and lower expansion.

Lucky Gunner is back in the game, this time with 5.7x28mm, controversial in its own right.
https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/is-5 ... um-part-1/

But this time, there's a twist - they don't explicitly describe the experimental setup, but it appears they've abandoned the clear stuff and gone with the FBI standard. I say appears because you can tell from the color, but they had a recent primer on terminal ballistics where they do describe it as FBI grade stuff. For comparison, they show Federal 147 grain HST reaching 12 inches in 10% organic but averaging 14.7 inches in their clear gel testing. They also test 5.56, .308, .45-70 and 12 gauge slugs.
https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/rifl ... allistics/

How does 5.7 do? Not well. A 27 grain bullet running over 2500 fps from a 16" barrel only gets 9.8" penetration, averaging 8.5". It gets 9.7" from the FN FiveSeven, but only expands to .27", which is worse than most .22LR in 10% gel in BrassFetcher's 3.5" barrel handgun tests. For comparison, Federal rates the 29 grain .22LR Punch for 13.75" at just 1070 fps from a short barrel - equivalent to a .22 Long out of a rifle. That was reportedly enough for Bella Twin to take a grizzly, if you have her steely nerve.

Heavy for caliber loads do better. A 40 grain bullet can get to 12" and expand to .35" - about 9mm. Or you could do that with a .38 Special wadcutter. But the .38 special won't hold 20 shots. Then again, shooting the FiveSeven from a pocket sounds like an amazingly terrible proposition.

Re: 5.7x28mm in ballistic gel

Part 2 finally dropped, this time with 10" and 16" barrel lengths for comparison - directly against .22 Magnum. Again, this is FBI grade gel.
https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/is-5 ... um-part-2/

TLDR - pretty dang similar. As a low-recoil, high capacity, flat-shooting centerfire cartridge, it has a niche. Probably best for target shooting. In a carbine, some ammo could be good varmint rounds what with the rapid expansion and low penetration. I think .22LR is more flexible for practical applications, but rimfire is what it is.

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And these days rimfire is pretty damn reliable. I may have one or two rimfire, even cheap bulk stuff, that doesn't fire during a whole day of plinking. This stuff these days is several orders of magnitude more reliable than what I was shooting a half century or more ago. I was testing a LCP II 22 and ran over 100 Federal Range Pack before I had the first dud.
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