Squib loads article.

I didn't write the article, but I think it is well worth sharing: ‘Squib Load’: Little word, lots of risk

As I just noted on the BBTI Facebook page, I've run into squibs several times in my (40+ year) shooting career. Recently with one of my handloads - my screw-up, no denying it. But previously with both reloads and factory ammo. It happens.

Bottom line: PAY ATTENTION when you're shooting.
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Re: Squib loads article.

I've seen a case of top line law enforcement ammo from one of the top ammo makers have so many squib loads the company had to pay severe penalties and take it all back with a full refund. No bullets stuck in barrels but several bounced off cardboard target at 7 yards.

That same company then turned around and sold the ammo from the cancelled contract to the general public as "surplus".

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