An interesting article...

In that oasis, we can freely express our opinions on the latest events in the struggle for marriage equality and also the best self-defense rounds.

In a way, LGC has been our burgeoning Castro District where we are free to be ourselves. But like those other pioneers, we know a community without political voice will always be relegated to the shadows.

The Liberal Gun Owners Association (LGOA) was formed to provide us that voice.

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An interesting article...

#1 Post by UnfilteredDregs » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:25 pm ... lee-a-cult

"Something has gone wrong with the flow of information. It’s not just that different people are drawing subtly different conclusions from the same evidence. It seems like different intellectual communities no longer share basic foundational beliefs. Maybe nobody cares about the truth anymore, as some have started to worry. Maybe political allegiance has replaced basic reasoning skills. Maybe we’ve all become trapped in echo chambers of our own making – wrapping ourselves in an intellectually impenetrable layer of likeminded friends and web pages and social media feeds.

But there are two very different phenomena at play here, each of which subvert the flow of information in very distinct ways. Let’s call them echo chambers and epistemic bubbles. Both are social structures that systematically exclude sources of information. Both exaggerate their members’ confidence in their beliefs. But they work in entirely different ways, and they require very different modes of intervention. An epistemic bubble is when you don’t hear people from the other side. An echo chamber is what happens when you don’t trust people from the other side."

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Re: An interesting article...

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It is illogical to assume that all conditions will remain stable.

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