Beretta Neos 22s

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Re: Beretta Neos 22s

Post by sikacz »

Bucolic wrote:
Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:35 pm
You don’t have one? Sika, there’s a Dan Wesson out there with your name on it.

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I know! :roflmao:
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Re: Beretta Neos 22s

Post by highdesert »

I like my Neos and 22/45 and 22A and SR22...but a S&W 41 is the pinnacle. Never craved a 1911, I've shot some and liked them, but didn't have the urge to buy. Maybe eventually one in 9 mm not 45, tastes change.
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Re: Beretta Neos 22s

Post by Ricardo »

I imagine for the price of the Model 41 a Volquarsten might also be in contention, or the Hammerli X-esse. And forgive my ignorance, but many years ago when I was looking for my first .22 I read that the Woodsman was markedly inferior to other alternatives available at the time of production. I never gave it another thought but they still sell for more than that assessment would suggest. Are they actually pretty good? What, if any, is the downside to the Woodsman (other than replacement parts)?

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Re: Beretta Neos 22s

Post by sig230 »

I had both a 41 and a K22 at the same time and the K22 was by far the more accurate and reliable of the pair. The 41 was not just ammo picky, it was ammo picky at the individual cartridge level.
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