Blog - Plan Now for CMP’s Adjusted 2020 Travel Games Annual Schedule

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Blog - Plan Now for CMP’s Adjusted 2020 Travel Games Annual Schedule

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2020 Travel Games – featuring a variety of rifle and pistol events held around the country throughout the year. With the new decade begins the new Travel Games schedule, which features adjusted dates for staple events. The Western CMP Travel Games, usually held in Phoenix in October, resumes in the same location in March 2020. The Oklahoma CMP Games has move from its typical April timeframe to the open October slot, as the Talladega 600 Match has been moved up from its December dates to November.  ImageReturning in 2020 will be Western Games, which will include CMP’s Marksmanship 101 training. Also, CMP Cup Match days will now be known as CMP Highpower (HP) Rifle Matches and will include 4-Man Team, 80 Shot and EIC Rifle events.  Dates for the 2020 Travel Games include:
  • 13-22 March – Western CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches
  • 24 April-3 May – Eastern CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches, Camp Butner, NC
  • 3-7 June – Talladega D-Day Matches, Talladega, AL
  • 14-20 September – New England CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches, Jericho, VT
  • 12-18 October – Oklahoma CMP Games & CMP HP Rifle Matches
  • 17-22 November – Talladega 600, Talladega, AL
ImageThe CMP’s annual Travel Games present pistol and rifle competitions in a leisurely atmosphere.  Events fired at the Travel Games include a mix of modern and vintage military rifle competitions like the John C. Garand, Springfield, Rimfire Sporter, Carbine and Vintage Sniper Matches. The Travel Games (with the exception of Western Games) also presents a growing field of pistol opportunities, to provide guests with even more competitive avenues, and Marksmanship 101 classes for new and experienced marksmen. Other informative clinics are conducted throughout the Games Matches by qualified CMP staff members. As in previous years, rifle competitions will be fired on CMP Targets, a user-friendly electronic target system that instantaneously produces shot placement and eliminates the need for pit duty – allowing quicker matches and less physical strain, absolutely suited for new or experienced competitors of virtually all ages and sizes. For more information on each Travel Games event and a link to registration, visit’s outdoor electronic targets will be used for rifle Travel Games events throughout the year If you are sharing equipment or wish to fire with another competitor(s), you will need to type in the competitors name in the special squadding request box upon registration on CMP’s Competition Tracker page. If there are any other special requests, they will need to be indicated upon registration or you may email [][/url]. The EIC Rifle Match will be random squad. Upon registration, competitors will choose match date, relay, relay time and rifle for the Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military Rifle Matches only. There will be different relays and relay time choices available for competitors to fire Garand (GAR), Springfield (SF), Vintage Military (VM) or Modern Military (MM) rifles. Competitors may only choose a maximum of FOUR relays per day to allow the opportunity to fire the GSM 3-Gun and 4-Gun Aggregates. About the CMP Travel Games: The Travel Games are regional competitions held throughout the year, featuring CMP’s own rifle and pistol outdoor events. A common part of the CMP schedule for the last decade, the Games are centered around recreation-oriented competition and educational activities that are designed to accommodate experienced marksmen as well as those hoping to learn more. Competitor scores in the 80 Shot or EIC Rifle matches will count towards CMP’s Classification System. Competitor classifications are based on a competitor’s average scores fired in his or her most recent competitions. The CMP maintains a national database of competitors and scores that are used to establish competitor classifications. Competitors can view his/her current CMP Classification by logging into CMP Competition Tacker and clicking in his/her personal “Competitions” and “EIC Results” files. A Club Pay Back Program will also be honored, where $5.00 per competitor will be awarded to any CMP Affiliated Club that has five or more of their members attending and participating in the marksmanship competitions held at the event. The club members will need to present his or her club ID card at any of our Travel Games. The post Plan Now for CMP’s Adjusted 2020 Travel Games Annual Schedule appeared first on Civilian Marksmanship Program. This content originally appeared at text and was written by Christine Elder This content is syndicated and does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of The Liberal Gun ClubThe post Plan Now for CMP’s Adjusted 2020 Travel Games Annual Schedule appeared first on The Liberal Gun Club.

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