Check out my fake Johnson

No, but I couldn’t resist.

Recently saw a version of Jesse James’s SCR-like-thing done very nicely with a full length handguard and wood stock to have some Sten/PPSH 41 kind of style. I kinda resent that guy from back in the chopper days, but whatever. I’m glad I’m not stuck in the middle of whatever patent infringement BS goes down between him and FightLite.

That shit aside, I saw potential to do something with the FightLite SCR lower that I could get excited about. I’m still working through the details and this is just a rough mock-up. Lots of work left to do.

Here’s my 50 state legal AR platform rifle inspired by the M1918 BAR and the 1941 Johnson LMG. Front sight/muzzle extension and forend tube with wood grip are both built from scratch. The stock is Remington 870, from the milk crate full of junk stocks at the LGS.

Since he probably has a intern name-searching him, I half expect to see something like this built with 10x the budget and some genuine vintage Johnson parts available from Mr James some time soon.

Re: Check out my fake Johnson

Nice work. 👍 Looks slightly Steam-punk inspired. What happened to the spring-tubey thingy off the back? (Not an AR guy... can you tell?)

How’s that shark-fin front sight post staying in place? I don’t see any weld marks. Can’t tell from the pic if there is a bevel cut holding it tight.

Is that a piece of carpet you stole from the dog to keep the hands cool during war? 😎

Oh, or is it shaped wood? -Niiice.
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Re: Check out my fake Johnson

lurker wrote: Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:28 am nothing wrong with that. i'm kinda surprised someone with your skills doesn't just design and build your own guns, guess it's harder than it looks?
Mostly time availability stopping me. The forend and front sight parts on this are the better part of a three day weekend. These are the quick and lazy versions of the ideas I had initially. I lowered my sights so as to get it done before I lost enthusiasm for it. I’ve got piles of sketches for things I’ll never build for one reason or another.

Bang, I didn’t invent it.

Re: Check out my fake Johnson

Fake park so it all matches, with some distressing would be my vote.

Also, Bisbee- That's a fightlite lower- intended to be for states where evil features are a no-go. So the part that goes sproing goes into the stock instead of having a regular buffer tube- uses regular AR mags but the buffer and trigger are different than an AR
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Re: Check out my fake Johnson

OK, the shark fin is magnificent. Some day when I win the big lotto, I am going to pay you an obscene amount of money to build something for me that will rock. my. world!!!
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