Re: Check out my fake Johnson

Couple other notes of comparison. The SCR magazine release is a stretch. The mini release is easier to reach but harder to actuate. SCR wins in reloading magazines, mini requires that rocking thing. The SCR safety is standard 1100 style, I prefer the mini safety but it's in the trigger guard, it's the most intuitive place I've experienced. The SCR can be customized just about any way you see fit, the mini less so.

Summary: I prefer shooting the SCR but would grab either in a pinch.

Re: Check out my fake Johnson

senorgrand wrote: Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:09 pm But it can shoot 6.8 or 450 too. And it takes down.

Don't mean to talk you out of an SCR (it is my favorite AR pattern rifle), but want to reality check this statement. I don't believe the SCR will accommodate those larger calibers, but I've never looked into it. You may be limited to .300 or 6.5 Grendel, similar to a standard AR15. If you're expecting an easy take down/assembly to switch uppers to a different caliber, you may be disappointed. Also, the trigger is what the trigger is as, it too, is proprietary. Marlene likely has the skill and confidence to improve it. I don't.

Couple of points to consider. The proprietary bolt carrier has a little rat tail thing that goes down into the stock (just like an 1100). This can make mating the upper and lower a bit challenging. It's not terrible, but it's not as straightforward as assembly of a standard AR upper/lower and can result in some swearing (at least by me). Also, because of the proprietary bolt carrier, you'll either need to invest in one for each caliber or deal with changing out bolts every time you change calibers. And there's also the matter of milling the bolt carrier for side charging, should you go that route. I've made due with a standard charging handle and it works fine, especially without a scope. An ambidextrous charging handle would improve it. A side charger would be ideal. I haven't seen anyone that's willing to do the milling (except Marlene). Most use a Gibz upper with a cam pin, which is sort of a half assed route, but works.

At any rate, I've got around 1000 rounds through mine with nary a hiccup. The first upper it wore was a scoped 18". Due to the somewhat heavy trigger, it now wears a mutant 16" with an Aimpoint. It's my preferred home defense tool. If I needed to take a gun on the road for some reason, it would be the Mini simply for its aesthetics in our California-acceptance climate.

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