Progressive Purge Continues at DNC - Now with Racist Rumors

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Re: Progressive Purge Continues at DNC - Now with Racist Rumors

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Eris wrote:
Tue May 08, 2018 12:54 pm
Trump didn't win because of people who voted third party. Remember: Trump lost the popular vote. Trump won because of the Electoral College giving more power to small states than they otherwise would have. Bush 2 won the same way.

It's never wrong to vote for the person you think is most qualified to win, even if that person has no chance of winning. In fact, if you are voting for someone you don't like just because you think that person has a chance of winning, then I'd say you don't understand how to participate in a Democracy. Democracy can only work if everyone expresses their honest opinion, otherwise you end up with a political situation like we have here in the US today, where people have given up on the electoral process because they feel that their opinion is irrelevant. Keep in mind that even a lot of Trump voters didn't really like him and would have preferred someone else. They too, voted for what they thought was the lesser of two evils. Imagine what it would have been like if they had voted their conscience instead!

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Re: Progressive Purge Continues at DNC - Now with Racist Rumors

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The framers of the constitution instituted the electoral college precisely because they wanted to give small states power to pick a president. Why? Because they didn't trust a nationwide popular vote in which a demagogue could capture people's emotions to get elected president. Most parliamentary republics do elect a president with an national popular vote however that president might have very little political power. Anyone know the president of Germany? It's Frank-Walter Steinmeier. But everyone knows Angela Merkel. She is the Chancellor. France has nationwide presidential elections and Macron has a lot of political power. Same in Russia. But most parliamentary republics have a prime minister who has most of the political power. The United Kingdom and Japan are parliamentary monarchies but the prime minister has all the political power.
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