Voter suppression in Texas

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Voter suppression in Texas

#1 Post by TrueTexan » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:45 pm

Here’s three that hit the news.
The U.S. Border Patrol is preparing for the migrant caravan – still weeks and hundreds of miles away – by conducting a “crowd control exercise” on Election Day in a Hispanic neighborhood a half-mile away from their polling station. ... aso-texas/
An election judge in Texas was captured on video screaming at a black voter and threatening to call the police when the woman expressed confusion at where she was supposed to vote.

Austin’s KVUE reported that Williamson County election judge and supervisor Lila Guzman resigned from her position at a polling place in Round Rock, TX after the video was captured during early voting on Friday, Nov 2.

“Get out. Get out. Get out. You are rude. You are not following the law,” Guzman is heard yelling at the voter. “Go. Go.”

At another point in the incident, the judge told the voter that she was going to call the police. The voter reportedly left before authorities arrived.

Williamson County Elections Administrator Chris Davis admitted to KVUE that in spite of being “a very experienced supervisor and judge,” Guzman was in the wrong.

“Our supervisor loses her composure in the middle of this, and that’s not something that we ever train our poll workers, supervisors, election judges and clerks to do,” Davis said. “We always train them and advise them to maintain control of the situation politely and answer voters’ questions and give voters options so situations like these don’t escalate.” ... xas-voter/

The voter probably didn’t go where she should have to vote.

Then in Houston
Things got heated at a Houston polling place Tuesday when an election official hurled racist comments at a citizen voting.

Rolanda Anthony tried to vote at her polling place at a church in north Houston when the worker said there was a “problem” with her address. She was told to fill out a form and it would fix it, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Assistant election Judge Juanita Barnes ran over to explain it was illegal for her to try and change her address on Election Day and then vote. An argument ensued and escalated.

“If I were to wear my blackface make up, maybe you would understand what I’m telling you,” Barnes, who is white, told Anthony,

Anthony said that she tried to walk away but that Barnes then followed her yelling as she walked through the polling place. When Anthony threatened to call the police, Barnes allegedly threatened her saying Anthony would be the one to be arrested because she’s black.

The presiding election judge separated the two and a different poll worker quit after hearing Barnes’ comments.

It’s unclear if the poll worker will be removed given the misleading information spread. No one knows how many people were wrongly told to change their addresses. ... nderstand/

How many are we not hearing about? Even one case is to many.
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Re: Voter suppression in Texas

#2 Post by YankeeTarheel » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:51 pm

Too bad nobody defines it as "Voter Fraud" when poll workers seek to prevent people from voting because...they aren't White. Case count would skyrocket!
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