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The Fake News Effect

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:10 pm
by levigold12
Disclaimer: I'm a filthy millennial and am mainly using anecdotal evidence.

So I love the chaos that is politics, and being on this forum surprisingly I'm left of center. Being the millennial I am I use plenty of social media, and one thing I like to do is follow and pay attention to right wing political groups or accounts just to get a view from the other side. A scary trend I have noticed among the owners and followers of these accounts is the rejection of anything and everything as fake news, or liberal media bias. It's splitting my hairs!! The level of delusion is reaching levels I never thought were possible! From accusing George Soros of paying migrants, to a recent comment I saw claiming that the fake news media was putting out wrong poll numbers when the democrats were winning the big races in Florida. The funny thing is as i'm writing this the republicans are now leading said races, but I digress. The thing I'm scared of is that if the democrats make some sizable gains in the midterms is that Trump will go to his twitter claiming all sorts of bullshit to why they lost and then this will energize his supporters and they will blame it on the liberal media and such and post all about it and all that crap. This is as serious danger to our democracy if our president and his numerous supporters begin to attack the media, an institution sacred to our democracy. Honestly I'm just sick of this delusional bull crap by Trump and his supporters and people need to recognize when institutions like the media are under attack it's time to wake the hell up.

Re: The Fake News Effect

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:24 pm
by Bisbee
That sort of egotism where anything that one doesn’t agree with is automatically wrong and suspect, it is actually a form of arrested development. It’s human to want to feel in the right and avoid admitting fault. But when leaders prey upon that hunger to be right and lead susceptible and mentally immature people to the slaughter (as in global warming and immigration policy and such) we all get hurt in the end. It is a serious problem that has its roots in human psychology but fundamentally is a maturity issue.

Our fabulous education system has finally born fruit.