2016 Election forum rules READ BEFORE POSTING

So many executive orders, so much twitter. What to do? Well, discuss it here for one...

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2016 Election forum rules READ BEFORE POSTING

Post by shinzen »

Okay folks, here's the deal:

Due to the volume of various election threads and the tone that some of them can take, we have created a new sub-forum for the 2016 elections.

In the event that folks don't follow the normal forum rules of etiquette here as well, you WILL lose the privilege of posting/creating new threads in this forum.

Keep it civil. If you lose that privilege and then start posting election stuff in the general discussion forum, your thread will be deleted, and you may be banned.

Use the ignore feature if someone gets under your skin. Walk away. Go to the range. :smart:

As a refresher, Smokefan posted the very simple rules here:
http://www.theliberalgunclub.com/phpBB3 ... 58&t=36098

TL;DR? Don't be a dick.
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