A love of some older more experienced handguns.

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Re: A love of some older more experienced handguns.

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SailDesign wrote:
Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:38 pm
Finally brought the new FN home today, slapped on some new walnut grips from my favourite source.....
FN was the first to make that design but Colt followed a couple years later with a model that had the safety. The original FN version had none. But FN used the safety differently; where Colt used it to lock the slide directly over the magazine like they did with the 1903, FN used a slide lock at the point to turn the barrel for disassembly. On the Colt 1903 and 1908 and 1908VP it's a "find the spot by trial and error".
To be vintage it must be older than me!

From Deep South Texas

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