Thinking about buckshot

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Re: Thinking about buckshot

Post by Fukshot »

Antiquus wrote: how many balls fit in the shell and conversely how much wasted volume there is in the shell (hint - bigger balls = more wasted space)
Oddly, this isn't the case. Spheres stack at a constant density regardless of sphere size. With smaller shot, you get more spheres, but the same total weight of lead in a given space. It's counterintuitive (or it was for me), but once you think about it geometrically it makes sense. That's why you can use the same volumetric shot measure for different sizes of shot.

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Re: Thinking about buckshot

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brandonsmash wrote:I will never use homemade ammunition in any firearm that may be used for a defensive purpose. If, gods forfend, I should ever have to take a life the last thing I would want would be a lawyer breathing down my neck, accusing me of "manufacturing extra-lethal violent ammunition" or somesuch. I would not even use a reload as a defensive round.

All my firearms that may ever see actual duty, if they're loaded while I'm at home, are loaded with commercially-available ammunition. I prefer to use the same defensive loads as the local police department, as well.

My defensive shotgun is loaded with standard #00 buckshot. No way in hell would I run a cut shot or a wax shot in a defensive gun.

+1 on the using only factory ammo for home defense. As soon as any lawyer worth their hourly finds out the other party used a handload you can bet they will make it a part of the case against you.

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Re: Thinking about buckshot

Post by MudPuppy98 »

Box O truth did some pretty interesting testing on this subject. ... x-o-truth/
We have done tests with various birdshot loads. Birdshot penetrated through two pieces of drywall (representing one wall) and was stopped in the paper on the front of the second wall. The problem with birdshot is that it does not penetrate enough to be effective as a defense round. Birdshot is designed to bring down little birds.
In fact, tests have shown that even #4 Buckshot lacks the necessary penetration to reach the vital organs. Only 0 Buck, 00 Buck, and 000 Buck penetrate enough to reach the vital organs.

Unless you expect to be attacked by little birds, do not use birdshot. Use 00 Buck. It will do the job.
Good article, worth a read.
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Re: Thinking about buckshot

Post by Pfletch83 »

Federal also offers a 3-inch #2 Buck load with 18-pellets. No Man's Land (NML) offers custom loads in #1 buck for the 20 gauge if I'm remembering things correctly.

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