Bulging casing on old shotgun ammo

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Bulging casing on old shotgun ammo

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I've received several boxes of old shotgun ammo which doesn't seem to fit neatly into the bore of my shotgun - new ammo fits fine. It seems like near the head of the shell, the shot has bunched up and warped the case. It's harder to see in the first picture, but it's obvious in the second one:


Is there anything I can do to try and massage these shells back into shape, or am I better off just safely disposing of them?

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Re: Bulging casing on old shotgun ammo

Post by Fukshot »

I'd dispose of them. Maybe cut them open with a razor if you have something to do with a bunch of lead shot.

Also, FYI, common nomenclature refers to the other end (brass on a shotshell) as the head. The end that opens towards the muzzle is the mouth. Just trying to make it easier for you to be understood in the future when such things come up.

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Re: Bulging casing on old shotgun ammo

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Anybody know when Sears stopped selling store branded ammo?
I used to find tons of empty Ted Williams shells in the woods
near my house as a kid. That would be late sixties/early seventies.

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Re: Bulging casing on old shotgun ammo

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