Article on Win Model 37 Single Shot - Memories

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Article on Win Model 37 Single Shot - Memories

Post by Wino »

The Dec. 2019 issue of American Rifleman (NRA membership expires March 2020 - no plan to renew) had back page article on the Winchester Model 37 single shot 12 ga. shotgun. This was my first owned shotgun, bought thru a cousin that worked for a local wholesaler warehouse circa 1958-59-60. Can't remember what price paid, but had to be low cause I didn't have much money back in those days (I'm thinking low $20's). Still own and in safe. It's been rode hard and put up wet many times, but still shoots true.

Brought back many memories reading article. I started dove hunting at 13 with my older brother using a borrowed single shot 410, which really honed my skills until I graduated to a model 12 Win pump in later 1960's. In any case, my love for dove hunting became an obsession for the following years. My brother used our deceased Fathers Model 97 Win pump (loved than gun with two interchangeable barrels - one full; one modified choke - no idea who owns it now).

Those early years I was a scrawny kid - 125-130 lbs. That Model 37 beat the living crap out of me. I initially used with steel butt plate, then had a slip-on recoil pad and later had a real recoil pad installed, but it still abused me. When season rolled around, I'd spend most of my free time dove hunting. One year, late in season, I had to see doctor about an issue and was asked to undress down to my skivvies. When my Doc walked in, his eyes widened and I got a "WTF happened to you!!!" - I had a nasty bruise that circled my right arm, over my shoulder from center of back and chest to elbow. Doc read me the riot act, telling me how stupid I was and how lucky I hadn't knocked a blood clot loose and killed my ass - that ended my season that year and I believe that's when I bought the model 12.

Back in those days, we had many places to hunt for free - mostly along railroad tracks in unincorporated areas of Bexar county north and south of SATX. After leaving the area in early 70's and returning in early 80's, the north had all been incorporated and south didn't until early 90's.

In those days I could limit (10-15 birds over the years) out, usually with less than a box of shells (I still believe my .410 days accounted for that). When group hunting, they would make me quit so they could still hunt until they tired or limited, even though we were trying to get limits for number of shooters.

To make a long story shorter - I haven't done much dove hunting in past 20 or so years - no place to go that didn't cost an arm and a leg or get an invite to neighbors dove lease. Plus when in field there just weren't may birds in past few seasons (at least when I was out). The big difference now is, I can't hit shit on the fly.

But, I did enjoy the Model 37 article and the memories. :clap: :thumbup:
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Re: Article on Win Model 37 Single Shot - Memories

Post by eelj »

When I was a boy scout I remember all of the stories and adds for them in The Boys Life magazine.

Never had one but I did most of my shooting during my teen years with something quite similar, Iver Johnson single sot with auto eject, really kicked like a mule with high base #4 shot for ducks.

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