Hello from Austin, Texas (and sometimes NYC)

Hi everyone!

Well, I'm glad this place exists, and I'm glad I stumbled across it. I read and occasionally post on several other forums under this screenname (or Austin_TX on forums where another extremely creative person beat me to my preferred iteration), but the other forums can all become pretty tiresome after a little while, for reasons everyone here understands. Very refreshing to find a place to talk with other firearms enthusiasts without having to endure the occasional casual racism, neo-fascist Second Civil War fantasies, moronic Dinesh D'Souza-grade distortions of the historical record, and so on.

I like to collect, and I also like to shoot. As my first few posts here attest, I'm a pretty big fan of the Beretta 92 (and several other Berettas), particularly the steel-frame, frame-safety 92 variants. I'm also a big fan and hoarder of (Swiss) SIG P210 pistols. Love good 1911s, too. I gravitate to metal-framed pistols in general, but I'm not anti-polymer -- polymer pistols generally don't get my heart fluttering, but I do appreciate their utilitarian advantages. And I'm mostly focused on acquiring a wide variety of high-quality, older, out-of-production revolvers and metal-framed semi-autos these days. It's frankly a bit of an illness.

My EDCs, when not in NYC, are either a Walther PPS (when it's warm to blistering outside -- i.e., most of the year in Austin) or a Glock 19 (when it's not). Probably going to replace the trusty old G19 with a Beretta APX Centurion soon, as I have come to love the APX line of pistols (except for the new APX Carry/Nano 2.0, with its Nano trigger system). A regular 92FS does home defense duty.

Thanks for having me here!
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Re: Hello from Austin, Texas (and sometimes NYC)

Great intro, AustinTX 👍!

Sig P210... learned something today. Very neat looking pistol with rather low bore axis. Apears the result of an affair between a Sig and a CZ. Single-stack 9mm is a bit odd but the grips look like they feel great. Still in service in Denmark I read 🇩🇰.
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