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Good piece overall. It's really unfortunate that folks can't get 'assault weapon' and 'assault rifle' right, though. Especially when they "spends a lot of time explaining details like these as part of the work he does for his nonprofit..." and when that distinction is key to anti-gun propaganda.

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The common comment is, of course, who do they vote for, fuckin hypocrites. I'm sorely tempted to ask them how they treat pro-choice conservatives. About 50% of Republicans support Roe. Who do they vote for? Similar conundrum. Alas, I have made it a rule to only post on legalities over there to avoid tearing of my thin snowflake skin.

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I confess, I added a comment to the end of the article. No dislikes (yet :-)
"Ian Tanner asked:

Why are these people voting for liberals who will take all our gun rights away[?]"

On the LGC Forum, we talk about this issue often. For most members (not all), it devolves to wanting a more tolerant and better run Government. All of us are often forced to decide if we are 'single issue voters' or not. And when some of what we believe in conflicts with a large group with whom we otherwise disagree, we must make a decision.

This is the challenge of a representative form of democracy of course. If everything was "direct democracy" we could vote for each issue as a stand alone proposition.

Many of our members spend considerable time educating "liberal" politicians about the reality of the Second Amendment and the fact that there are millions of "liberal" gun owners. As stated in the article, we find that the solutions provided by the left for gun violence are often misdirected.

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