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Episode 60 is up.

Title: "The Liberal...or the Libertarian?"

This episode could just as easily have been called, "The Lady...or the Tiger?", given the nature of the subject, and yes, that did inspire the chosen title.

We know a whole lot of our Conservative brothers and sisters do not like the "L" word. That's why they often like to refer to me as a Libertarian when we talk, for example, at gun shows. Here, we go into why that's not the case (avowed and proud Liberal, after all), with specifics. It is my belief, given my understanding of Libertarianism, that while it has some good ideas, it is lacking in certain areas, gaps which can, and should, be filled in by ideas from Liberalism. We go into that. also turns out that in several areas, we are natural allies. I see a tendency, far too often amongst us Liberals, to take a "talk to the hand" attitude toward our Libertarian brothers and sisters. I believe this to be a big mistake. On the issues that we don't agree on, fine, let's have those discussions. And on the many issues that we *DO* agree on...we should be working together with them.
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Re: New podcast idea: "The Liberal's Gun Corner"

It’s difficult to see Libertarians as anything but adult children. How do you work with someone you just can’t trust or take seriously?
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In my experience far too many people who claim to be a ‘libertarian’ are actually conservatives in the closet, probably because they live in a blue area or work for a large politically correct corporation. A real libertarian is a committed capitalist who supports a free market, which includes free movement of goods, capital, and labor. He can’t be anti immigration. On the social side he should be indistinguishable from a liberal.
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There once was a lady from Niger
who rode around town on a tiger
they returned from a ride
with the lady inside
and her smile on the face of the tiger

All that aside, differentiating liberals from libertarians is crucially important if we want to preserve any privacy in the face of information capitalism.

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Re: New podcast idea: "The Liberal's Gun Corner"

Been a couple of weeks since I logged in; it's been pretty busy. Anyway....

Episode 61 is up.

Title: "Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost-Gunners! A discussion on So-Called “Ghost-Guns”

Seems the antis, just as many of us predicted, aren't satisfied with going after "A Salt Weppen". They are starting to actually show their true colors. They're now going after home-built firearms, to which which they've given the negative-marketing term, "ghost guns". Well, I found out who first coined it, and his announcement about a California bill (now law) *effectively* making them illegal. The law is so byzantine that it's virtually impossible to comply with it with a lot of home-builds, especially if they're Glock-type pistols and such.

That California anti who started this latest witch-hunt is named Kevin de Leon. He's a CA State Senator. In this episode, I deconstruct his pseudo-logic.

Problem: the antis at the Federal level now appear to want to make California's law into Federal law as well. They're using de Leon's pseudo-logic to attempt to justify it. Likewise, there are state efforts (e. g. Pennsylvania) to attack home-builds as well.

That's what this episode is about, the defense of the home-build, and the debunking of the pseudo-case against it. This is a right, not a privilege.
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