Alabama Senate passes $300 lifetime carry permit

House bill: ... 77-int.pdf

Alabama Senate Signs Off On Lifetime Carry Permit
The $300 fee for a lifetime permit is also fairly pricey, though the Alabama Sheriff’s Association actually wanted the fee set at $500 for the permit. The National Rifle Association had lobbied for a lower fee of $200, and the Senate ended up basically splitting the difference, though the 2A organization says it was successful in “adding a rebate clause for anyone who is required by their sheriff to purchase a 1 or 5-year permit prior to purchasing a lifetime permit, which in most circumstances, brings it to the original goal of $200.”
The bill now heads to the House of Representatives for debate, and while there’s a possibility that the measure could be amended to lower the fee down to $200, the sheriffs’ association will be lobbying hard to keep the fee where it is or even raise the cost back up to $500.
By comparison, the Alabama legislation just seems like weak sauce. Sure, it’s an improvement over the existing law, but scrapping the requirement for a license entirely would have been a much bigger and better step forward. It’s clear that the biggest roadblock to Constitutional Carry in the state is coming from the state’s sheriffs, and I hope that Second Amendment advocates in the state start lobbying their local sheriffs to either support Constitutional Carry next year, or start backing new candidates that recognize that Alabama can do much better when it comes to protecting and strengthening the right to keep and bear arms.

Re: Alabama Senate passes $300 lifetime carry permit

It's less paperwork for sheriffs to process on an annual basis and it's an extra shot of revenue. I was concerned if a criminal background checks would be a one time thing or ongoing.
This bill would authorize a sheriff to conduct background checks on persons with concealed carry permits in order to ensure continued compliance with state and federal law.
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Re: Alabama Senate passes $300 lifetime carry permit

I'd have to live another 22 years for break even or ROI when compared to current Texas law which is $35 renewal every five years. Chances are slim to none that's gonna happen for 79 yo. Guess it's OK for a youngster.
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Re: Alabama Senate passes $300 lifetime carry permit

cooper wrote: Wed Apr 07, 2021 9:00 pm Wisconsin is $40 initial 5-year license, then $22 every 5 years. I don't carry, but got my license because WI and IA are reciprocal and I shoot in IA. IA has weird ass laws about handgun possession that I didn't feel like parsing, so concealed carry license just covers every situation.
If you include my WORTHLESS CCWP 'class', my CCWP cost $252 here in Colorado. 5 year and then renew-$63..Another CBI BGC..which I don't think is a bad thing..

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