Re: Latino Rifle Association on banning firearms

DispositionMatrix wrote: Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:11 am Policy that would mitigate gun violence far more than banning specific models of guns:
-Opening the background check system to the public for use before private parties exchange guns.

-Banning domestic abusers and convicted stalkers from owning guns.
-Ending the Drug War.
BIG part of that is legalizing Marijuana country wide..taking it OFF the 'schedule 1' list political will from the red states who are still mired in trump the traitor's 'big lie'...

I think banning any gun 'type' does nothing..There are already 18MILLION 'AR/AK' types in the US now..the toothpaste is outta the tube.
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Re: Latino Rifle Association on banning firearms

Getting rid of the drug war, sure.

Gun safety classes in schools, I've been asking for this for years (e. g. Eddie Eagle program or similar)

Holding gun owners liable if a child gets hold of their guns...that's dangerous territory.

Tax rebates for gun safes and other safety devices...sure, that works.

Offering temporary gun storage for those having suicidal thoughts...OK, as long as it's not mandated and you get your guns back without any hassle, immediately upon request. Remember, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, and it's a "gun-free" zone.

Deplatforming people...NO. ABSOLUTELY F***ING NOT. As a nation, we used to do that to MLK Jr. and the other Civil Rights activists, too; I thought we'd learned our lesson from that. That's why Black-owned radio stations and newspapers were so necessary! You wanna deplatform so-called "supremacist" groups, then "La Raza" is first on your list (it means "The Race"). Ya really ready to go there? The new "Black O.P.T.S." group that takes its inspiration from the original Black Panthers? Yep, they'll end up on the chopping block, too (scared White progressives of "BLACKS WITH GUNZZ!!!"). That's the danger of "deplatforming", folks; unfortunately, you've got to take the bad (yes, even Confederacy-worshipers) with the good in a free society like ours is supposed to be. It sucks, but it's true.

Not saying there shouldn't be talks, of course. There can be, and there should be. We just need to remember that this is freedom that we're talking about here, as Prof. Eben Moglen said.
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