Anti-maskers, guns, and poor impulse control

A cashier at a DeKalb County [GA] supermarket was fatally shot Monday after she argued with a shopper about wearing his face mask, officials said.

The shopper, identified as Victor Lee Tucker Jr., 30, of Palmetto, initially left the Big Bear Supermarket after the argument but came back with a gun, according to the GBI. The volatile incident also resulted in injury to an off-duty sheriff’s deputy working as a security guard, who tried to intervene and was shot during an exchange of gunfire.

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Re: Anti-maskers, guns, and poor impulse control

I live north of Atlanta and sadly this is all too familiar. Seems like a lot more violence going on. A older lady was shot in her bed last night in another part of town. Somebody just shot up her house in the middle of the night.

We are in serious trouble.

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Re: Anti-maskers, guns, and poor impulse control

Saw it last night, tragic.
Fernandes [reporter] spoke with owner of Big Bear [the market], who did not give his name. He said he hired an off-duty deputy to help enforce the mask policy at the store.

After Monday’s triple shooting, he said he may not allow customers to carry any guns inside the store anymore.

“How come they carry all the guns in a public place like that?” he asked, calling the practice “bad.”

People who frequent the store say the gunman is well known at Big Bear and they believe he may have some mental health issues.

Tucker was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was last listed as being in stable condition. Another cashier was also grazed by a bullet. She was treated at the scene.

The deputy was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where he was last listed as being in stable condition. ... DOTNM2AM4/
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Re: Anti-maskers, guns, and poor impulse control

Sometimes I wear a mask and sometimes I don't. Personally now I feel ok with people not wearings masks. There's people with respiratory problems that should and do wear a mask all the time even pre covid. So people should shut up and mind their own binezz.

I swear I had a mild case in Feb/March 2020. All the symptoms but no test availability, hardly any masks. Now I'm 2 months out from my second Pfizer shot. No worries here.
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Re: Anti-maskers, guns, and poor impulse control

People carry all the time and don't shoot people. It ain't the gun, it's the people. Every time I see a report like this, it makes me wonder, what's happened to our society that people are lashing out violently like this? Doesn't seem like they were before....
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