Re: Suspect Spam Accounts

Gerakleo is apparently not banned, so now he serves as an assist to another spammer, marythomus. It’s a new method, the new spammer quotes the old one to simulate interaction between real users.

This marythomus has the spamwords already included in the post, but no link. He’s going to edit the link in later when we’re not looking.

Well, regardless he makes the list.

Glad that federal government is boring again.

Re: Suspect Spam Accounts

thanks for your efforts.
a couple of times a week when i'm bored i go to the member list, go to the last (most recent) page and work my way up, checking their posts for edited-in links. usually they only make one post, although we've seen exceptions. and the vast majority add their links within a week or two. it would help if it was easier to tell who is banned and who is not. like covid-19, their techniques appear to be undergoing constant evolution, in an attempt to maximize the benefit (to them) for the least investment of their time, and to escape detection.
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Re: Suspect Spam Accounts

They are getting better. There is another gun board I frequent that I see quite good attempts. Funny thing is it has much less traffic than here. I wouldn't think it was worth the effort, but they are there.

This post was made in a thread about shotgun cases. A week later it was edited to include a link at the name brand "Borboleta" which, for the 5 seconds I spent there, was all about ladies handbags. The OP took the time to refer to real products in the post. The Pit Bull and Bulldog are model names of shotgun bags I found on Amazon.
TerryDeirdre wrote:
I've used many shotgun bags and cases in the past since I always try to protect my gun from damage and to keep it safe. I can recommend some new ones to you if you'd like since I've tried a lot. I liked the Pit Bull shotgun travel case, which is made from water-resistant nylon material. It's the best soft shotgun case for protecting your weapon against the elements. The Bulldog Tactical Shotgun Case is also a good alternative. Right now, I'm using a Borboleta shotgun case. They're new on the market, so I wanted to try their bags out, and I'm glad. I got it on .

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