Ruger PC Carbine Stocks

So, I finally broke down and bought one of these ugly SOB's. I am running out of 9mm carbines to buy and tinker with. I was looking for an Archangel pistol grip, but they appear to be out of stock everywhere. That's when I ran across this beauty on a REDDIT thread. I am not that technical to carve one out myself, but if there where someone I could be introduced to, that would be fantastic!
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Re: Ruger PC Carbine Stocks

oh, it's me. yes, the russians have a talent for plain, functional guns, even the mosin with its abrupt transition from smoothly rounded to straight-as-a-board forestock. and those slots for the dog-collar slings... there's no shame it putting function over form, first, second, and third before anything else. no superficial embellishment there.
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