Ammunition supply allegedly affecting law enforcement agencies

Ammunition shelves bare as US gun sales continue to soar
“We have had a number of firearms instructors cancel their registration to our courses because their agency was short on ammo or they were unable to find ammo to purchase,” said Jason Wuestenberg, executive director of the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association.

Doug Tangen, firearms instructor at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, the police academy for the state, said the academy also has had trouble obtaining ammo.
Officer Larry Hadfield, a spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said his department also has been affected by the shortage. “We have made efforts to conserve ammunition when possible,” he said.

Re: Ammunition supply allegedly affecting law enforcement agencies

Was gonna say, lots of 9mm in stock at the LGS. I imagine LEOs don't have to abide by the same anti-hoarding provisions us civvies do, but even if they do, they could still stock something like 1500 rounds a week if they dropped by every day. .40 S&W might be tougher. .45 ACP in FMJ is still well over twice the price it was a year ago. 9mm is cheaper, but still not cheap. Figure that's the real issue here.

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