Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

Currently lack of funds. I do have a Yugo PAP 92 pistol that would serve the purpose. But that sort of ignores the chief benefit of the bull pup, tucking longer barrels in shorter packages…

Also I was thinking that using an AK pistol would be a dangerous thing to do ATF/NFA wise, but this company was making a similar one with a Draco pistol. I believe they stopped but I don’t really know why. They had this posted this on their website at one time: ... istol/amp/

ATF letter extract:
“Your new design eliminates the forward handgrip and thus does not facilitate two handed firing as your initial design did. Therefore FTB finds that an AK pistol mounted in your redesigned stock is intended to be fired with one hand and thus constitutes a “pistol” as defined in the Gun Control Act. Accordingly an AK pistol mounted in your newly designed stock would not meet the definition of an “AOW” as noted above and thus would not be regulated under the provisions of the NFA in any way.”

Note the pics show no shoulder pad of any kind, so maybe if I stayed clear of that and any forward grip, I’d be ok….Food for thought.

If I DID use a pistol I’d definitely want it suppressed…and then we’re back to lack of funds :(

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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

took poly-bull to the range. arrived promptly at 9:30. oops.
waited an hour while the temperature rose.
two issues with the new homemade kydex cheekrest:
1, the screw holding it on was too long, interferes with the bolt
2, it just snags ejecting empties.
both easily remedied.
the good news was that it's hitting all around bullseye with no sight adjustment, just need to do some final alignment before i snug the handguard down and then some fine tuning the sights.
and my "very good plus" walnut gi stock has actually shipped from treelinem14 after a month. they say it might arrive fri or sat.
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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

well my walnut GI stock came and it's nice but not so nice that i'm unwilling to cut it up. if i ever want to go back to a GI stock it will be the birch "Big Red" that came to me on the rifle.
and then it took the vendor 3 weeks to rustle it up in his warehouse, (he warned it might take 2) and another week between generating a tracking # and the postal service getting it (thanks for nothing, dejoy?) and then another week for it to arrive here despite having paid for 2-day priority shipping (dejoy again?)

so i'l start reworking on this soon, real soon.
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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

two weeks. car stuff intervened, but i should be getting back to this in the next couple of days. have almost convinced myself to order the $220 canadian handguard/rail, ( or thus solving the "secure the handguard" problem. except that it doesn't entirely solve the problem.then, start cutting walnut. need to study on this some, want the fit of the wood bits as close as possible, and there's not enough walnut for the butt AND the pistol grip.
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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

i want to document the handguard issues here a bit. because the bullpup stock puts the shooter's eye too hi for the GI sights, i've had to add taller sights. several vendors offer replacement milled aluminum handguards with picatinny rails machined in, but none of them is entirely right. so what i've done is glue-and screw a 14" (since trimmed to 12&1/2) rail to the GI handguard, which if care is taken, lines up pretty well with the irons and can mount GI-type AR15 sights with 3/4" risers. the rear of the rail is secured well enough with it's steel spring band, but the front floats pretty freely, and allows too much wiggle. what i've done is to invert the action, handguard down, build little dams out of foam rubber strips about an inch apart to fill the gap between handguard and barrel, liberally(!) grease the parts i don't want anything stuck to, and filled the inter-dam space with epoxy. and it seems to work, the epoxy has taken a set which exactly fills the barrel/handguard gap and the wriggle is all gone! we'll see how it holds up to vibration and heat over time, J B Weld might have been better, milled aluminum certainly would have been. meanwhile i had the gas system apart for the first time in 2 years and gave it a thorough cleaning and lube(hard to imagine i've been fooling with this thing that long). the handguard and gas system are currently installed so there's not much to see but it's not in the wood yet so maybe i'll get a pic tomorrow.
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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

there's a problem (surprise, surprise!) with the new stock. the m14 was issued with 2 styles of stocks, the "early" and then the bulkier "Big Red" which was a response to complaints that the early model was not holding up to bayonet drills. poly came to me with a "Big Red", which apparently the chinese copied. the one i just ordered in is the early style. the consequence of all this is that the early style stock is slimmer and so there's no room for error on the tolerances where the trigger linkage goes around the mag well. this is going to be very fiddly and time-consuming. i'm going to try to get my hands on some walnut board.
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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

well since it's just you and me reading this...
i've still been poking at the bullpup stock, trying to do it up in walnut. unfortunately my source of relatively cheap big red walnut GI stocks has dried up. it's even more difficult to get smooth-ish lines with the original pre-big red. and there's not enough wood in a gi stock to build a pistol grip, so matching another grain and color becomes a problem. it would almost be easier to start with a plain block of wood, thus not having to match to the sensuous curves of the original, but i suspect the inletting and cutouts for fitting the hardware to the wood are beyond my skillset.

so, i give up. i'm going to put the action back in the polytech stock i used to prototype, shoot it for a while, and see if i want to go back to the GI stock it came in.

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Re: just playing around(so far), homemade bullpup m14?

took polybull to the range today to see if i could wring some accuracy from it, and the answer is, "yes",
but there were some issues, things sticking, things coming loose, things falling off, that sort of thing. nothing wrong with the concept, just my implementation.
so i think it's going back into the GI stock it came to me in, and i'll restore the GI sights. it's been a wonderful learning exercise and great fun, and i eagerly anticipate seeing whatever homemade bullpup AKs or 10/22s or whatever might have been inspired. i think i'm done here.
thanks for watching and participating! :beer2:
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