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I stepped out of the social media fray for a few days this past weekend to commemorate the moment when my wife Sandy and I committed our lives to each other at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC in 2013. But I didn’t stop working on my book, provisionally titled Gun Culture 2.0: Inside America’s Evolving Culture of Firearms. On the long drive from Winston-Salem to Washington and back, and during quiet moments at our hotel, I worked on my author query letter, book proposal, and the first four chapters of the book. This week I will be sending a query letter to 6-8 agents along with the proposal and sample chapters to try to get literary representation for the project. The literary agent will then try to sell the book to a publisher.
Finalizing a book chapter at a hotel in Washington, DC, November 2021. Photo by Sandra Stroud Yamane My goal is to place the book with a New York publisher to get the widest possible distribution and attention, particularly among those not already bought into gun culture like the gun curious. Being pleased with how the chapters are turning out made me nervous. Because signing with a major publishing house is a long shot for any book, especially one on guns, I don’t want to get my hopes up. But I think the book fills a much needed gap in writing about American gun culture, which is embraced by some, reviled by some, and misunderstood by many. I will keep everyone posted on how the process is going as I proceed.
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