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Crow wrote: Wed Dec 23, 2020 12:36 am Primers are nowhere to be found... I have zero small pistol but a ton of 9mm brass and bullets. Anyone use small rifle for 9mm? Would that be safe if one were to reduce the load? I have a bunch of those.
Some high-pressure handgun rounds use small rifle - .327 Federal and .357 Maximum factory (& equivalent reload) come to mind; for lower-pressure loads in those calibers, pistol primers are cited.

The heavier cup of the rifle primer might give problems with some pistols; the energy content (flame temp & volume) may also be greater than pistol primers - that's something you'd want to check on, as it likely varies somewhat by manufacturer.

That said, I'd think that using small rifle in place of small pistol might be feasible, but with extreme caution in working up loads - I'd start at the bottom of the powder weight range (or even a bit lower), and watch very closely for signs of overpressure. (Remember those harder cups when looking at the primer - by the time a rifle primer flattens out, you're already into rifle-level pressures!)

I've seen 9mm ammo designed for full-auto weapons which has harder primers (to help prevent slam-fire in closed-bolt actions), but I don't know the primer characteristics beyond that.

Re: What did you reload today?

Still reloading and shooting mostly .38 Special. The powder-puff load has become a favorite for three reasons.

1.) It's an easy-shooting load that makes even a S&W J-frame Airweight "not unpleasant" to shoot.
2.) In-flight ballistics at 850 ft/sec match our .38 Special factory self-defense ammo, at least to the 25 yards that we've shot this load.
3.) It only uses a little powder. We have two versions of the load, one using Bullseye, one using Titegroup.
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lurker wrote: Wed Feb 10, 2021 7:06 pm just finished reloading the rest of my .45acp brass, stash is 687 rds not including what's already loaded in mags. 230 grn fmj over 4.5 grn of clays.
next up, .308 win, 31 empty cases to process.
Excellent result. I'm just thinking about a cartridge filling machine. It will be clearly cheaper than buying cartridges. Moreover, today, with the latest rise in bullet prices.

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I reloaded 50 rounds of 6.5 135gr A-tip and 50 rounds of 153gr A-tip. the 135gr if for my Savage bolt and the 153 is for an M1A1. I used Winchester Staball for both loads. I load all of my precision loads on the Forster Coaxial press. I use a Dillon 750 for my pistol reloads. I have traveled way down the rabbit hole when it comes to my precision reloading, but I have found that the knowledge gained has been well worth it.

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38 special 148 wade cutters, polymer coated. These are my practice loads. I was using 3.5 bullseye, the maximum standard pressure load and the most accurate by Lyman. It is accurate but seems a bit heavy in my lcrx so I cut the charge back to 2.9 grains. At any rate with these charge weights my bullseye will out long outlast my stash of primers.
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Hey all, was hoping I could drop a quick question on this thread. Just bought some dies and press. Slowly saving up and buying tools/supplies to reload. One of the die sets I bought has rust inside the resizing die. It was listed as new. Was wondering if this is common, if it compromises the longevity of the die, if it would be better to return them and try again, or should I just thoroughly remove the rust/clean the dies and move along. I’d appreciate any insight and I apologize if this isn’t the right place to ask. Thanks!
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Right section. Perhaps it’s own thread would draw attention to it. Not a lot experience with your question, but most tools can be salvaged from minor surface rust. Soak and lube I would guess. Is there pitting? If the metal is pitted I guess I’d be inclined to complain. So it would to me depend on the extent of the rust.

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I ran a ladder withbear Creek .357 magnum, 158gr coated RN OAL 1.575 with 13, 13.5 and 14grains of 2400 13.5gr and 14gr showed obvious signs of too much pressure at the primer and were not accurate. Also, did not feel any difference in recoil compared to 13gr load. I mixed up data for the 155gr and 158gr bullet :oops2: :whistle: .
A: Lyman 158gr #358665, OAL 1.575, 13.5gr Max
B: Lyman 155gr #358156, OAL 1.590, 14gr Max
Now realize my mistake :hmmm: : At an OAL of 1.575 I shouldn't have used 14 grains!

13gr had 1.5” groups at 25 yards. The 14gr bullets went almost all off paper.

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The lack of postings to this thread might lead one to believe there is a shortage of reloading components. All is not lost.

Starline brass
250gn. Straight Shooter cast LSWC
9.5gn. Herco
Federal 150 primer
Ruger Blackhawk

If my adding is right, by weight about 330-340 rounds.

Weather permitting, I'll find out tomorrow if I need glasses.

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papajim2jordan wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:01 am Single stage for single action.

Mixed headstamp brass, .41 Mag.
Federal 150 primers
Hodgdon Longshot, 9.0g (#12 Little Dandy rotor.)
Rainier 220g bullets- made groovy with CH Cannelure gizmo

19 primers left over!
Wow. Your press looks like mine! Except my Rock Chucker came with a green plastic primer catcher.

I didn't get to do any loading today, but yesterday I had some Dillon conversion kit parts show up. I'm looking at doing something with the small primer .45 ACP brass I've collected. As long as I get the chance, anyway; things get busy for no apparent reason lately.

Re: What did you reload today?

Still doing primarily .38 Special. Both a fun and very economical round to reload.

Will need to cast some 170gr Keith bullets for .357M soon. Gotta love them Lee six-cavity moulds! :-)
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