Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

If it's normal 10% bail, they'll have to come up with $50,000. each, cash or bond to get out of jail. Unless they have money stashed away or enough equity in their home or a relative with money, they'll be sitting in jail until trial. The prosecutor has filed a lot of charges, I expect some to be dismissed.
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Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

I've read somewhere that it isn't the nominal 10%, but can't find that explicit link offhand. OTOH, it isn't just a million samoleons - they have to give up all their guns too. You know they're going straight to a smelter, and that's what's keeping the parents from posting bond.
Should the defendants secure the $1 million bail, the judge ordered them to be fitted with GPS trackers before they are released from custody. The judge also demanded that the defendants announce the scheduling of any appointments, including for work, for medical treatment, or for meetings with their attorneys. They must also abstain from using drugs or alcohol and must turn over any remaining guns or ammunition in their possession that were not previously seized by the authorities. That’s if the defendants make bond. ... ight-risk/

Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

Their guns won't be headed to the smelter, they first would have to be convicted, sentenced and exhaust all their appeals. And even at that point I question if they'll be destroyed vs turned over to a relative.

The Michigan attorney general has offered to investigate the events leading up to the shooting last week that took the lives of four high school students.

"We have reached out to the attorney for the Oxford Community School District and have offered the services of the Michigan [Department] of Attorney General to conduct a full and comprehensive review" of the shooting "and the events leading up to it," Attorney General Dana Nessel said Sunday morning on Twitter.

"Our attorneys and special agents are uniquely qualified to perform an investigation of this magnitude and are prepared to perform an extensive investigation and inquiry to answer the many questions the community has regarding this tragedy," she added.

In a letter to the school district on Saturday, Superintendent Tim Throne said that he had requested a third-party investigation. Nessel told The Detroit News that her office would be the "perfect agency" to investigate the shooting.

"I didn't want to see the school district bring in a private law firm ... where they are the client," Nessel said. "I've seen it time and time again, they're not fully independent investigations when that occurs."

"Often times, they're there to represent their client, and the client is the school district," Nessel added.

Nessel explained that the state attorney general's office is in the best position to determine not just whether criminal laws were broken, but also whether there were any civil violations. "We want to answer all the questions the parents have about this," Nessel told the Detroit Free Press.

Nessel said she had emailed the school district's attorney on Saturday with the same offer, but hadn't yet heard back as of Sunday afternoon. NPR reached out to the school district for comment Sunday evening, but did not receive an immediate response.

"We're not there to protect or prosecute anyone," Nessel told the Detroit NBC affiliate. "We're just there to find out what the truth is."

The parents of the suspected shooter, Ethan Crumbley, have been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. School officials had notified Jennifer and James Crumbley about multiple concerning incidents involving their son that preceded the shooting. The morning of the shooting, a teacher found a note on Crumbley's desk that had a drawing of a semi-automatic handgun and the words, "the thoughts won't stop," "help me," and "blood everywhere," according to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office. Another drawing showed a person who appeared to be bleeding from gunshot wounds.

After the teacher found those drawings, Crumbley was sent to the guidance counselor's office, where he said they were part of a video game he was designing. "At no time did counselors believe the student might harm others based on his behavior, responses and demeanor, which appeared calm," Throne wrote in his letter to the school community.

In that letter, Throne said he had asked for a third-party investigation into "all of the events of the past week because our community and our families deserve a full, transparent accounting of what occurred." ... estigation

I question the superintendent's motives in bringing in a private outside firm and I question the AGs motives. Apparently the meetings the day before between the Crumbley's and guidance counselors never involved the assistant principal or principal, which sounds like a district policy and the superintendent is head of the district.
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Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

Northern wrote: Mon Dec 06, 2021 9:30 am Is the information about the gun make and magazine capacity confirmed? It sounds like it was a standard semi auto pistol I.e. not an “assault weapon” with a single standard magazine. I don’t know which arguments that helps or hurts—seems like it could cut both ways.
From news reports it was a SIG Sauer SP2022 9 mm pistol, not a rifle or shotgun. Ethan Crumbley brought it in in his backpack. He had at least one extra mag, cops said 30 rounds were fired, standard is 15 rounds.
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Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

wings wrote: Mon Dec 06, 2021 6:04 pm They've got an open-and-shut case for straw purchasing with dad and the SIG, regardless of the other charges. They aren't getting the guns back.
Answered above, you can buy a gun for a relative, but the kid cannot be the legal owner of the gun, even IF the Dad had bought it 'for him'...

But, nope, that gun ain't gonna be anywhere but in a police evidence locker or in the hands of some cop who steals it(most likely)...

Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

Well this may get more charges for the parents.
Oxford school shooter appears 'disoriented' in newly released video — and brother admits parents gave him weed

A video obtained by the Daily Mail shows the Oxford, Michigan shooter, Ethan Crumbley, as he appears to wobble through the kitchen of a diner and slips on the floor, falls and hits his head.

The teen who would become the latest in a long line of mass shooters was just 14 at the time. He was working at a diner in Sept. 2020 where he appeared to be walking funny, collapsed, and hits his head on a cabinet. He appeared to have a problem getting up, and someone comes to help him.

Crumbley's mother was called, and she said that he may not have eaten that day, but the owner didn't buy the excuse. She then said that it could have been caused by Crumbley's medications.

The owner also said that Ethan's older brother Eli was caught smoking cannabis while working at the same diner. The staff threatened to call Eli's parents, and he said "Where do you think I got it from?" ... -stumbles/
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Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said late Monday that Oxford school officials have declined her offer to lead an independent review of facts leading up to the Nov. 30 shooting that left four students dead.

She is not happy with the decision.

"We had heard that the Oxford School District had indicated that they wanted a third party to review the policies and protocols that were in place and, really, the events leading up to the acts of November 30 and what happened during the course of the events. So I offered my department," Nessel told CNN host Don Lemon.

"I thought, 'What better agency to conduct a special review than the Michigan Department of Attorney General?' We learned, just a short while ago, that the school district has turned down our offer and it said they're going to go with a private security firm instead to conduct an internal review."

On Sunday, Nessel, the top law enforcement officer in the state, offered to use her team to investigate the shooting that killed four students and injured seven people.

"I'm disappointed, quite honestly," Nessel said on CNN.

She said she hopes the "school district cares as much about the safety of their students as they do shielding themselves from civil liability."

Lawyers who work for the attorney general will continue assisting the Oakland County Sheriffs Department and the Oakland County Prosecutor "in any way we can," Nessel said.

"We're going to talk to the community," she said. "We're going to talk to the parents and the students in Oxford and see what it is that they want to see happen. I'm sure they're going to make their feelings known about the rejection of our offer."

At issue is what the school knew prior to the shooting and whether school officials took reasonable action to prevent the violence.

In addition, Nessel revealed new information about school threats and teacher safety. A teacher, among the Oxford shooting victims, survived.

"I've been made aware of the fact that teachers all over the state have been getting death threats today as a result of people being upset about what they perceive to be the actions or non-actions that occurred in Oxford on November 30," Nessel told CNN.

"... Our educators protect us, protect our kids in school every day. But were there mistakes that were made in Oxford during the course of this event? I think that's part of what the investigation will discover," she said.

Nessel continued, "Again, they are looking for criminal liability. The offer that we made would have extended to the protocols and policies not just so that we can make sure the kids in Oxford are safe from danger, but so that we can ensure those policies are put into place all over the state of Michigan, so that each and every school district can be better protected."

Families in the Oxford community will be heard, Nessel said.

"But, again, if the school district is really looking for transparency and they're really looking to ensure that everything that they did, and everything they continue to do, results in the most security for their students, which is something that people are greatly concerned about right now, then I would hope they would want to cooperate with the investigation by the state." ... 413882001/

The Oxford school district is trying to protect itself from criminal liability, they want to control the final report. There will still be civil lawsuits and maybe their "third party investigation" will help in those cases. The superintendent doesn't want to lose his job or be criminally charged and that could extend to school board members. Nessel the AG is a politician and she's up for reelection in 2022. She didn't need the district's permission to investigate that incident, but she doesn't want to alienate wealthy voters and donors in Oakland County.
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts." - Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Re: 3 killed, 6 hurt in shooting at Michigan high school

School officials destroying evidence in wake of mass shooting at Oxford High, lawyer says

DETROIT — Oxford Community School officials are destroying social media pages and other evidence that lawyers for siblings who survived last week's mass shooting want preserved, according to a federal court filing Friday.

Lawyers asked U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith to order school officials to preserve the evidence and have social media companies restore deleted profiles and other information.

Attorney Nora Hanna cited several pieces of missing or destroyed information, including one defendant’s LinkedIn profile and a listing of high school administrators from the school website.

"Not only did defendants fail to take necessary steps to preserve the evidence, but they willfully destructed the evidence by deleting the webpages and social media accounts," Hanna wrote. "Plaintiffs cannot continue to be blindsided by the defendants by having to search for what evidence is being destroyed or altered."

The request by Hanna, a lawyer for sisters Riley Franz, 17, an Oxford High School senior, and Bella Franz, 14, a freshman, comes one day after lawyer Geoffrey Fieger filed a $100 million lawsuit on behalf of the siblings who survived the Nov. 30 attack that left four students dead and seven wounded.

Attorneys are asking several companies to hold onto any records they may have related to the shooting. Fieger's legal team has sent preservation requests to a slew of companies, public agencies and social media firms. That includes Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, the FBI, Department of Justice and the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

In addition to accounts, attorneys are also asking Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to save posts using the hashtags #OxfordStrong, #OxfordSchoolShooting and #OxfordShooting from Nov. 30, as well as any posts, photos or messages sent or shared from the school that day.

Some of the biggest requests are made of the school district, asking it to produce all files on the alleged shooter, video footage made of the suspect's family, any correspondence addressing potential threats and all employment records of all counselors, teachers and staff of the school.

Included in the request are handbooks for and training materials given to several administrators, including Superintendent Tim Thorne and Principal Steve Wolf.

An Oxford school spokeswoman could not be immediately reached for comment Friday.

Other requests include asking Abbey Ridge, the apartment complex next to the school, to save any recordings it may have of the shooting or of students and families coming and going after, and asking AT&T to save and produce all files, including calls and texts, to or from the Crumbleys and several administrators.

The same request was made of a Meijer store and a Tim Horton’s near the school.

The students' lawsuit marked the start of what is expected to be a flurry of lawsuits seeking to hold the district and school officials responsible for a massacre that prosecutors say was carried out by 15-year-old sophomore Ethan Crumbley.

The allegation Friday deepens the legal fallout from the country’s deadliest school shooting since 2018 and comes as legal experts expect more lawsuits will be filed by survivors and families of those killed during the attack.

That lawsuit announced Thursday accuses school officials of failing to stop an attack that inflicted physical and psychological injuries on students and spreads the blame among the highest-ranking Oxford school officials along with unidentified teachers and counselors. ... 7532812385

Destroying incriminating evidence to protect the incompetent.
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.-Huxley
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