Re: Supreme Court allows release of trump's communications

This ruling also blocks all of TOT's minions from claiming his executive privilege to block their testifying before the House Committee.
‘Nail in the coffin’: MSNBC analyst explains why Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows are ‘in deep doo-doo’

Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former chief of staff Mark Meadows are in "deep doo-doo" after the Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected the former president's claims of executive privilege regarding White House records related to Jan. 6, according to former acting U.S. solicitor general Neal Katyal.

"It's a real problem for them," Katyal told MSNBC on Wednesday night. "Remember, Steve Bannon has been indicted already for contempt for not giving these answers to Congress, so he's facing criminal charges. Mark Meadows is on his way to the same thing. Both of their defenses to contempt is executive privilege, and the Supreme Court today blew that out of the water."

"So that means that these two individuals really do have to go and talk to the investigators in Congress, but it also more significantly means the Trump signature move – which is not just to hide these documents, but all these people from testifying on live televised hearings in Congress, he was going to invoke executive privilege for all that — that's now decimated by the Supreme Court's ruling."

"So it's going to be very hard for all these folks, not just Bannon and Meadows, but (Trump lawyers Rudy) Giuliani and (John) Eastman and the whole cast of characters, to avoid having to testify," Katyal said. "They can try other arguments, like the Fifth Amendment and so on, but today is a real nail in the coffin for them."

Rudy might claim client attorney privilege, but that might even be questionable.

Maybe it is time to invest in Orange Jumpsuit futures.
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