DeSatan is at it again.

Florida Bill Would Ban History Lessons That Cause White Students “Discomfort”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is pushing for the passage of a bill that would forbid public school teachers from teaching information that could cause students to feel “discomfort,” in yet another GOP attempt to censor lessons about the history of racism in the U.S.

The bill would also apply to companies that require their employees to receive training on combatting racism and discrimination in the workplace.

“An individual should not be made to feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race,” reads Senate Bill 148, which was approved by the Republican-controlled Senate Education Committee on Tuesday.

All Democrats on the committee voted against the bill’s advancement, saying that it would lead to a number of lawsuits and censorship in classrooms across the state. They also said that there were no real-world instances that would justify a need to pass the bill, and noted that the legislation could potentially prevent educators from teaching factual accounts of history.

The legislation was condemned by Sen. Shevrin Jones (D), the ranking member of the Education Committee.

“This bill’s not for Blacks, this bill was not for any other race. This was directed to make whites not feel bad about what happened years ago,” Jones said. “At no point did anyone say white people should be held responsible for what happened, but what I would ask my white counterparts is, are you an enabler of what happened or are you going to say we must talk about history?”

DeSantis’s promotion of the bill comes after his repeated attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT), an academic field that emerged in the 1970s to examine how institutions perpetuate racial and gender inequality in the U.S. Although most K-12 schools do not teach CRT, conservative lawmakers have manufactured a false narrative about its prevalence in U.S. classrooms, likely to stir up support among their base through racist fear mongering. (One of the many lies being pushed by Republican lawmakers is that CRT teaches white people to hate themselves.)

Jones said that DeSantis, whose name is being considered for the GOP nomination for president in 2024, is traveling “across the country with his racist rhetoric on critical race theory.”

“It’s a problem that doesn’t exist,” Jones said.

In a recent Instagram post, anti-racist author Ibram X. Kendi pointed out that the notion that white people should be protected from “discomfort” was also used to justify segregation.

“I am reminded of segregationists who justified separate restrooms, elevators, waiting rooms, restaurants, phone booths, water fountains, parks, schools, pools, and even cemeteries by claiming White adults and children felt ‘discomfort’ around Black people,” Kendi said. “And now this.” ... iscomfort/

And then we have more from DeSatan.
Slouching Towards Fascism With DeSantis' Election Police

Even as the Senate bitterly, implausibly debates fundamental voting rights that not long ago were almost universally deemed non-negotiable, Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking Orwell's "1984" and running with it into a despotic dystopia of his own feverish imagining with his hoped-for, first-in-the-nation creation of an Office of Election Crimes and Security to ensure "elections are conducted in accordance with the rule of law," though, in fact, they already are. The Himmler-wannabe's shiny new police force, which would be part of Florida's Department of State, would hire over 50 investigators to “detect, apprehend, and arrest anyone for an alleged violation” of election laws, with Gestapo snitches posted at unspecified “field offices" through the state to act on dubious tips from “government officials or any other person” to "facilitate the faithful enforcement of election laws," which, did we mention, already occurs. Also - see Himmler - they'd report directly to him. Herr DeSantis, who once considered forming his own private militia, asked the GOP-led legislature for $6 million for the new stormtroopers in a State of the State address teeming with freedom-y bilge: Florida is "the freest state in these United States," standing as "freedom's vanguard" for "those chafing under authoritarian, arbitrary and seemingly never-ending mandates" due to "a coercive biomedical apparatus" in "blind adherence to Faucian declarations," but "Florida is a free state" that "has stood strong as the rock of freedom." Fascistic, but strong.

Like many of his GOP fellow-travelers, DeSantis has long indulged his autocratic impulses, from fighting court battles against tyrannical masks/ vaccines to pushing a gonzo bill to prohibit schools from making white people feel “discomfort” to passing multiple laws making it harder for people - oddly, mostly brown and black - to vote. In a state where over 40% of the populace vote by mail, the laws restrict absentee ballot-drop boxes, toughen ID rules for mail-in ballots, and forbid giving water to voters in long lines to, you know, keep them free. Democracy as wingnut reality show: DeSantis even made news of his signing the laws - now facing a court challenge - a Fox News exclusive. All this, in a state he touted in 2020 as the "gold standard" of election integrity after Trump won it, crowing, "The way Florida did it, I think, inspired confidence." So will a new electoral SWAT team to fight imaginary crimes, he now argues, though of over 11 million votes cast in the last election, only 75 complaints got referred to law enforcement; they included three retired Village people arrested for zealously voting twice for Trump. Given un-cooperative reality, even the state's GOP has "reacted tepidly" to his latest scheme - "We're going to look at it" - and Dems have written A.G Garland asking the DOJ to investigate voter suppression via “harmful proposals to create new partisan bodies." Not just harmful, many note, but exceedingly dumb. "This is a solution in search of a problem," says a top prosecutor whose office has seen four referrals for election crimes over two decades and is "willing to bet a pretty penny staffers would sit around and wait for the phone to ring. That's a lot of time watching Netflix and playing Candy Crush on the taxpayer dollar.” His brutal bottom line: "This is a $6 million door prize for a QAnon pep rally." ... ion-police

The new laws will be called James Corvus laws as they are to be considered an upgrade to to Jim Crow laws of the past. So you don't have to look it up Corvusis the scientific name for the Crow/ Raven.
"On the morrow he will leave me, as my Hopes have flown before.” Then the bird said “Nevermore.” Startled at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken,."
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.-Huxley
"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." ~ Louis Brandeis,

Re: DeSatan is at it again.

You know, I do believe my French teacher caused irreparable harm to my self-esteem and affected my aspirations for higher education!

Freedom Fries, dammit!
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Re: DeSatan is at it again.

CNN's Jim Acosta took aim at Ron DeSantis on Saturday over the Florida GOP governor's proposal to launch the nation's only dedicated election-fraud police force.

"If Ron DeSantis wants to put that election police force to good use, he might consider sending them over to Mar-a-Lago," Acosta said during a segment about the Republican Party's ongoing attacks on voting rights. "You know, just to ask a few questions about an attempted coup. Yes, officer Ron, I'd like to report an insurrection."

CNN reported this week that DeSantis' proposal "has concerned voting rights advocates, local election officials and Democrats, who fear the scope of this police force's new mandate could lead to voter intimidation."

"If approved, the new office would have a 52-member team, including 20 sworn police officers, to 'investigate, detect, apprehend, and arrest anyone for an alleged violation' of election laws," the network reported. "DeSantis is asking lawmakers to set aside $5.7 million to create the Office of Election Crimes and Security and give the executive branch unique and unprecedented power to look into voting irregularities, despite little evidence of widespread voter fraud in his state."

He needs to have a better name for this group. I suggest Government Election Standards To Attack Political Opponents.
Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.-Huxley
"We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." ~ Louis Brandeis,

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