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The Iranian consulate was bombed in Damascus, Syria. Israel never claimed they did it, but they were the most likely country. Two Iranian generals were killed and other Iranian military. Iran swore revenge and Biden has warned Iran about retaliation. News reports are that Biden stationed US warships closer to Israel for protection. Hamas is an Iranian proxy.
Israel said Saturday night that Iran had launched a large wave of attack drones from its territory toward the Jewish state and that the military was tracking and preparing to intercept them, in the first-ever direct attack on Israel by the Islamic Republic. IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari first confirmed at 11 p.m. that the attack, anticipated for several days, had begun. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards later confirmed it had launched dozens of drones and missiles against specific targets in Israel, Iranian state media quoted a statement by the elite force as saying. Israel assessed that over 100 drones had been launched. The Israeli Air Force was tracking the drones and was preparing for additional waves of attacks, which may also include missiles. The incoming attack led Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon to shut down their airspace for a period of several hours. Israel too announced that its airspace would shutter as of Sunday at 12:30 a.m. until an unspecified time, leading to various flight cancellations. Syria put on high alert its Russian-made Pantsir ground-to-air defense systems around the capital Damascus and major bases in the event of an Israeli strike, Syrian army sources told Reuters, explaining they expected Israel to retaliate against army bases and installations where pro-Iranian militia were based. Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani meanwhile threatened a firm response to any country that “opens its airspace or territory for attacks on Iran by Israel,” Iran’s semi-official Mehr news agency reported. Shortly after midnight, Prime Minister Benjamin and top defense leaders convened at military headquarters in Tel Aviv for a security assessment.

In a press statement, Hagari said the Air Force was tracking the drones, while noting that they would take several hours to reach the country. He said there would be GPS disruptions as the military works to intercept the drones. The drones currently being tracked were expected to reach the country within hours, though the Israel Defense Forces will work to intercept them at an earlier stage. Other threats, including ballistic missiles or cruise missiles, will take less time to reach Israel, and the IDF said it would update accordingly. “The defense and offense systems of the Israeli Air Force are on alert, and dozens of planes are in the skies — prepared and ready,” said Hagari, adding: “We have an excellent aerial defense array, but the defense is not hermetic.” If there are any additional attacks, that require a separate warning, Hagari said the IDF will update the public. Sirens will only sound if the drones enter Israeli airspace, at the relevant locations, Hagari said. He added that the IDF will seek to intercept the targets as early as possible. Channel 12 said the US was the first to identify the launch and immediately notified Israel, leading to a flurry of activity in recent hours in Israel and its surroundings that led to widespread public assessment that an attack was imminent. State-linked media in Iran reported that a second wave of drones had been launched at Israel.

Two security sources in Iraq said dozens of drones had been spotted flying from Iran toward Israel over Iraqi airspace in what Iranian Press TV called “extensive drone strikes” by the Revolutionary Guards. Channel 12 aired video from Iraq that purported to show a wave of drones passing overhead in the night sky. Several such videos were shared on social media.Jordan’s air defenses were ready to intercept and shoot down any Iranian drones or aircraft that violate its airspace, two regional security sources said. Earlier in the evening, presaging the attack, the White House announced that US President Joe Biden would cut short a weekend trip to Delaware to hold consultations with his national security team on the potential Iranian strike on Israel. Biden’s defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, called his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant for the second time in three days to discuss US support for Israel’s defense, the Pentagon said. “Secretary Austin made clear that Israel could count on full US support to defend Israel against any attacks by Iran and its regional proxies,” read the statement. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned Iran’s “reckless” attack against Israel, which he said showed that it was “intent on sowing chaos in its own backyard.” “These strikes risk inflaming tensions and destabilizing the region. Iran has once again demonstrated that it is intent on sowing chaos in its own backyard,” Sunak said in a statement.

“The UK will continue to stand up for Israel’s security and that of all our regional partners, including Jordan and Iraq.” Before the incoming attack was confirmed, the IDF’s Home Command issued new guidelines shuttering all schools and educational activity the next day — action that would not affect most schoolchildren, who started their vacation ahead of the Passover holiday at the weekend. In addition to the closure of educational facilities, the military announced it would be forbidden for more than 1,000 people to assemble outdoors. The IDF also cancelled its planned enlistment day Sunday amid the Iranian attack on Israel. New conscripts will receive a new date for their draft at a later time. As Israel braced for the Iranian attack, warning sirens sound in the northern community of Snir, indicating a rocket was fired from Lebanon, where the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror group has been carrying out daily attacks on Israel amid the war in the Gaza Strip. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries in the attack. Tensions between Israel and Iran had reached a new high in recent days as the Islamic Republic vowed to avenge seven Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps members, including two generals, who were killed in an alleged Israeli airstrike on a building near Tehran’s consulate in Damascus on April ... intercept/

BBC is broadcasting live: ... n=BBCS_BBC
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Re: The last world war will be streamed (live Israel/Iran)

"More than 200 drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles were fired from Iran," IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said. Most of the threats were intercepted outside of Israeli airspace, he said.
Israeli Air Force jets, US Navy and Air Force jets, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force jets and Royal Jordanian Air Force jets shot down most of the 200 drones, cruise and ballistic missiles.
President Biden told Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call on Saturday that the U.S. won't support any Israeli counterattack against Iran, a senior White House official told Axios. Biden and his senior advisers are highly concerned an Israeli response to Iran's attack on Israel would lead to a regional war with catastrophic consequences, U.S. officials said.
"You got a win. Take the win," Biden told Netanyahu, according to the official. The official said that when Biden told Netanyahu that the U.S. will not participate in any offensive operations against Iran and will not support such operations, Netanyahu said he understood. U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spoke on Saturday with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant and asked that Israel notify the U.S. ahead of any response against Iran, a senior Israeli official said. ... nt-support

This was the first time that Iran directly attacked Israel, it's always used its proxies - Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and the Houthis in Yemen to attack Israel. Israel has never before attacked an Iranian command and control center in Syria, it has attacked supply lines.
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CDFingers wrote: Sun Apr 14, 2024 8:33 am Biden told Israel we do not support retaliation against Iran.

Yeah, that'll work.

It will if Biden has the Cojones to tell Bibi if there is retaliation against Iran then no more weapons, ammo or spare parts to Israel.
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Re: The last world war will be streamed (live Israel/Iran)

Something quite interesting is the number of nations who have shot down Iranian drones. Many.

On another front, leave us not forget the old saying that continuously trading an eye for an eye makes everyone blind.

On edit for yet another front:
‘You got a win. Take the win’: Joe Biden tells Netanyahu ... e-on-iran/

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Re: The last world war will be streamed (live Israel/Iran)

Iran's state TV repeatedly aired a video of a fire in Chile today, claiming that it was footage of missiles successfully hitting targets in Israel. The clip, run several times during the live coverage of Iran's retaliatory attack, shows a motorway in the foreground while a huge fire turns the night sky red. A woman can be heard speaking in Spanish while another subs. The video was one of several clips to show Iranian missiles and drones successfully pass through Israel's air defence "minutes ago" and strike pre-designated targets, state TV reported. But the footage is neither recent nor related to Iran's retaliatory attack against Israel.

The BBC has found the original version of the clip posted to TikTok in February, showing a fire in Vina del Mar, Chile. Several other Iranian news outlets also published the clip with the same false claim.
With the official inflation rate standing at just over 40% and tens of millions of people struggling with the cost of living, a military confrontation with Israel was the last thing most Iranians wanted. Since the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 1 April, the value of the Iranian currency, Rial, has fallen by another 10% against the US Dollar. Many are worried that, sooner or later, this will hike the prices of many goods, from mobile phones to home appliances and many foodstuff. The Iranian government sets the price of some essential items such as bread and fuel, and lets many items be imported on a preferential exchange rate (in other words cheap foreign currency). But still the price of many goods follow the open market exchange rate.

Since the US left the Iranian nuclear deal in 2018 and re-imposed wide-ranging sanctions on Iran, especially curbing its ability to export crude oil, the Iranian economy has struggled with low (or even negative growth) and high rates of inflation. What worries many people in Iran right now is how Israel might respond. Any further escalation could devalue its currency more, which would push up the prices even more, deepening the current cost of living crisis.
It is unclear how Israel plans to respond, but war cabinet minister Benny Gantz has said it will "exact a price" for Iran's attack when the timing is right. ... n=BBCS_BBC
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Manipulation of media stories and pictures isn't new the Soviets (Russians) were masters. Now it's video and Iranians aren't very good at it. With deep fakes, a video of Biden or Trump can have them saying different things and CCTV can be doctored showing an innocent person committing a crime. The media has to become more sophisticated in verifying news before they run it.
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An Israeli is the one who developed Nonviloent Communication and along with many progressive oriented Israelis and Palestinians have worked hard to use the system to build a grassroots effort toward lasting peace in the region. All that effort has been set aflame largely by one single criminal in Israel and many individual terrorists in Palestine.
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No Iranian official directly acknowledged the possibility that Israel attacked, and the Israeli military did not respond to a request for comment.
Tasnim also published a video from one of its reporters, who said he was in the southeastern Zerdenjan area of Isfahan, near its “nuclear energy mountain.” The footage showed two different anti-aircraft gun positions, and details of the video corresponded with known features of the site of Iran’s Uranium Conversion Facility at Isfahan.
The New York Times quoted anonymous Israeli officials claiming the assault, which came on Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s 85th birthday. Israeli politicians also made comments hinting that the country had launched an attack.
Isfahan also is home to sites associated with Iran’s nuclear program, including its underground Natanz enrichment site, which has been repeatedly targeted by suspected Israeli sabotage attacks.
While Iran insists its program is for peaceful purposes, Western nations and the IAEA say Tehran operated a secret military weapons program until 2003. The IAEA has warned that Iran now holds enough enriched uranium to build several nuclear weapons if it chose to do so — though the U.S. intelligence community maintains Tehran is not actively seeking the bomb. ... 4377a24ddb

It's obvious that Israel would target Iran's nuclear program.

Nine countries currently have nuclear weapons: Russia, the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea. These nuclear powers differ a lot in how many nuclear warheads they have. ... ey%20have.
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