Re: Hawaii Supreme Court rules there is no right to carry per its text/history/tradition

Ssh, don't go promoting red-state Dems so loudly! People like Newsom might notice, and start the smear campaigns before they ever have the chance to raise their profile up to a national level.

Hawaii is such a hot mess of colonialism. As much as I sympathize with the idea that arms help overthrow monarchies, I also recognize the role arms played in imposing foreign rule by capitalist hegemons over native peoples. I also also recognize the frustration that some Hawaiians have with the current state of gun rights in their home state - I've more firsthand experience here than many. What I'd like people here to recognize is that this isn't just about guns, it's about national sovereignty in a state that used to be an independent kingdom and a culture centuries older than our own, whose "equal" status as a state in a federation of foreign colonies still rankles.

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