Re: CZ 455 Ultra Lux first out range review!

Very nice!

A few years ago I was high into collecting old American .22 bolt action rifles (and also had my eye on the CZ's). Those long sight radius' are truly magic for accuracy. I never put a glass on those rifles.

It was a surprise to discover that the longer barrels actually slowed down the bullet... that .22lr flies fastest best with a 16" barrel?!?

Today I have a Western Fields single shot .22 with a scope on it that I keep for plinking. All the other fun ones are gone. Glad to see your review of the CZ Ultra Lux!
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Re: CZ 455 Ultra Lux first out range review!

Thanks for posting this review of the CZ 455 Ultra Lux. Nice to know that there are other ultra lux owners out there.
I just purchased one of these beauties in Dec. 2016 and have yet to shoot it. When the bad weather subsides I am taking it out for a spin.
I love small caliber rimfire rifles. In 22 LR I most often use CCI Mini Mags when they are available. I bet the CCI Quiets in this gun is like having a silencer installed.
Congratulations on your acquisition and happy shooting!

Bobo, new LGC member
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